What is Worm:VBS/Dunihi.A?

Worm:VBS/Dunihi.A is a computer infection classified as worm. It means that unlike other computer infections that cannot make copies of themselves, Worm:VBS/Dunihi.A can replicate itself consequently slowing down the system by stealing bandwidth and system memory. Based on the research of security experts, Worm:VBS/Dunihi.A has been created to collect system information about your PC which later on is sent over to a computer hacker responsible for this attack. In order to avoid serious personal security breach, it is important to remove Worm:VBS/Dunihi.A on time. Perform regular computer system scans with a powerful antimalware tool to detect malware in primary stages of various infections.

Where does Worm:VBS/Dunihi.A come from?

Just like with most of the worms, Worm:VBS/Dunihi.A distribution method includes removable flash drives. It means that each time you plug an unknown USB flash drive into your computer, do scan its contents with your security system. And vice versa – if you plug your own flash drive into a public computer, be sure that no unwanted files are saved on it. When a removable storage device is plugged into a comprised computer, Worm:VBS/Dunihi.A scans for it and then copies itself into the drive. There it creates several link files that emulates names of the files that are already save on the drive. Therefore, sometimes the malicious file may look like a genuine MS World file (for example) which you have saved on your drive before.

Worm:VBS/Dunihi.A changes the original file’s properties to “hidden”, so the next time you try to open your own file, you actually launch the worm itself, infecting your system.

What does Worm:VBS/Dunihi.A do?

Once the worm is run, it adds a new entry into your registry which allows the malicious program to auto-start each time you turn on your computer. Then it connects to remote server behind your back in order to send system-related information to its creator, including your username, operating system information, antimalware software information, disk volume serial number and so on. There are over twenty different remote servers that Worm:VBS/Dunihi.A is known to connect to, for example:


Depending on what its creator may want it to do, Worm:VBS/Dunihi.A can perform a variety of malicious actions. It can always update itself as it connects to the internet without your permission, and it may even download another malware program onto your computer and run it, compromising your system even further.

How to remove Worm:VBS/Dunihi.A?

Since worms usually do not have interfaces you cannot really tell when you get infected with it, especially if you are not a computer expert. Therefore, it is important that you run regular system scans with SpyHunter free scanner. In case of Worm:VBS/Dunihi.A infection, the worm will be detected immediately as well with other possible threats, and then you will be able to invest in a reliable antimalware tool to remove Worm:VBS/Dunihi.A automatically. Manual removal is not recommended unless you are extremely knowledgeable in computers, so do what is best and the most efficient to your system in order to protect it from harm.

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