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Trustworthy Toolbar

Trustworthy Toolbar

Trustworthy Toolbar is a browser extension that is not as trustworthy as you may think. Granted, it is not a computer malware and this extension does function as a genuine browser add-on, but Trustworthy Toolbar may be related to a series of security issues that you definitely should avoid at all costs. To put it simply, Trustworthy Toolbar is classified as potentially unwanted program. It means that it does not infect your system, but it would also be a good idea to remove Trustworthy Toolbar from your computer immediately, because in the long run it may become a tool for malware distribution. Read more »

Kwible Search

If you download freeware and suspicious browser plugins, you may discover Kwible Search installed on your Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers. One of the many applications that may distribute the suspicious search tool is Savepath Deals. The researchers of malware and potentially unwanted programs at indicate that these programs are not critically malicious; however, they deserve to be removed. The suspicious search engine has not been developed by cyber criminals but there are some suspicious elements linked to it. We have conducted the manual removal instructions which will help you delete Kwible Search from the most popular web browsers. Before you dive into the removal process we recommend reading the provided information. Read more »

Antivirus Security Pro

Antivirus Security Pro

Antivirus Security Pro is a rogue anti-spyware application and running it on your operating Windows system is extremely dangerous. Have no doubt that this program has been created by schemers who hope to use the fake AV tool for illicit profit. The malignant anti-spyware could have been infiltrated onto the system by other clandestine computer threats, which is why the removal of the infection could be quite difficult. Cyber criminals could also infiltrate this threat using fictitious online scanner indicating that your PC is filled with threats which you allegedly need to delete. Needless to say, if the threat has been downloaded onto your computer there are security issues which you need to fix. If you do not take care of this quickly, tens of dangerous infections could be infiltrated to run alongside the rogue. Do you know how to delete Antivirus Security Pro and other computer infections? Read more »

ReportLady virus

ReportLady virus is adware and can potentially cause a lot of damage to your computer’s system. When it is already in, it displays various advertisements while you are browsing the Internet, especially favoring online shopping websites, such as Amazon, Best Buy or Expedia. If you are seeing a See Similar button on product images, different ads in the form of pop-up boxes and banners, you have this infection in your computer and you should remove ReportLady virus immediately. You should note that the longer this adware stays in your computer’s system, the more potential harm it can cause, so time is crucial. Read more »


Saveshare is an adware program that may pose serious security threats to your system. Normally, browser settings allows you to block pop-up ads that would hinder the web browsing process, but when Saveshare is installed on your computer, this intrusive program overrides default browser settings (on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) and then displays pop-up advertisements whenever you open a specific website. Adware applications are not direct computer threats, but they are instrumental infecting your system with dangerous programs, so the sooner you remove Saveshare from your system, the sooner your PC will be protected from possible malware infection. Read more »

I your home page has illegally been switched to, there is no doubt that you are dealing with a browser hijacker. Nonetheless, according to researchers, the suspicious search engine is usually set as your Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer home page with your consent. Have you agreed to the modifications whilst installing freeware? Have you decided to make the change after noticing an offer on the website itself? Either way, the suspicious search engine is not highly malicious, and some computer users might even use it without any risks. We still recommend that you remove from your browsers if the website has been set as your home page. Please continue reading to find more information. Read more »



DealBulldog is a browser plugin developed by Somoto. The application is offered at and; however both of these sites are inactive at the moment. As you may already know, the application has been developed by the same company which stands behind FLV Player. This particular program is highly suspicious because it comes bundled with a number of unreliable browser plugins and PC programs which you need to delete. For this reason, it would be best to refrain from installing the allegedly useful toolbar, as there is no way of telling what other programs could be dropped alongside. You should also be careful with freeware you install, as the plugin could come bundled with seemingly reliable software as well. If you wish to learn how to delete DealBulldog or you simply need more information about the program – continue reading the report. Read more »

Savepath Deals

Coupon applications are seems to be taking a comeback, because once again we encounter the likes of Savepath Deals. It is a browser extension that allows you to find coupons on an extensive number of online shopping websites. It is not a computer infection, but users are encouraged to be cautious about it, because Savepath Deals may prove to be exceptionally annoying and intrusive. Being potentially unwanted application, the extension can also expose you to dangerous infections, so you will do yourself a favor if you remove Savepath Deals from your computer and then avoid installing similar apps on your browser. Read more »

Lucky Leap Ads virus

Lucky Leap Ads virus is not something you want corrupting the operating Windows system and Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer browsers. The suspicious adware program can be installed onto the computer without much of your knowledge. All that schemers need is to trick you into downloading a suspicious browser plugin, a fictitious video codec or a spam email attachment. These are only few of the many tricks that schemers could employ to infiltrate the highly suspicious application onto your PC. According to researchers, the adware is also offered at Right now the website is inactive; however, this does not meant that the application cannot be installed onto your personal computer. If you need to remove Lucky Leap Ads virus from the computer – continue reading. Read more »

If you are worried about the security of your Windows system, we suggest you remove browser hijacker. This infection manifests through unauthorized redirections to the unreliable search engine, and you should inspect your computer, delete malware the moment you notice that something is not right. Of course, in some cases the search tool can be offered to you directly. For example, researchers have discovered that you may be offered to change the home page of your browser when installing the Shareaza Toolbar. This is not something that we would recommend because the search engine is not as reliable as it may seem at first. You should continue reading if you wish to learn more about the suspicious hijacker and the removal steps you might want to perform. Read more »