ReportLady virus

What is ReportLady virus?

ReportLady virus is adware and can potentially cause a lot of damage to your computer’s system. When it is already in, it displays various advertisements while you are browsing the Internet, especially favoring online shopping websites, such as Amazon, Best Buy or Expedia. If you are seeing a See Similar button on product images, different ads in the form of pop-up boxes and banners, you have this infection in your computer and you should remove ReportLady virus immediately. You should note that the longer this adware stays in your computer’s system, the more potential harm it can cause, so time is crucial.

What does it do and how does it get in?

All the coupons and links the adware is displaying may seem like actual good deals. However, that is not the case. The advertisements are from its affiliates and/or sponsors, and the program does not care about the quality or customer service. It does care about driving as much traffic as possible to those websites, because this is how it earns money. Another reason to delete ReportLady virus is that adware infections tend to collect a lot of data on their users to be able to display relevant ads. That information may be shared with third parties if the adware pleases. Even if it does not do that, the developers of this app are cyber criminal themselves, so it is just as potentially dangerous them alone having said data.

You can see that you should remove ReportLady virus from the fact that you will not find it in any browser’s extension shop, even though there are various apps that look like they provide similar service. This is due to the fact that those extensions can be trusted, while this one cannot. Plus, ReportLady usually gets into computers as a drive-by download with such programs as 1ClickDownload, Superfish, Yontoo and FBPhotoZoom, all more or less shady, too. Any program that needs to use this intrusive and sneaky technique to be used by people is quite logically not worth using. Quality extensions attract users by thousands and do not need to force installations.

How to get rid of ReportLady virus?

This program is particularly hard to remove. Obviously, that stems from it being an adware infection, however, the very same fact means you definitely should delete ReportLady virus. Unfortunately, if you do not have previous experience dealing with such infections, manual removal is strongly advised against. It is surprisingly easy to harm your computer’s system if you are not absolutely certain about your actions. However, there is no need to drag your computer to a repair shop – an automatic malware removal tool can take care of this infection and other similar bugs in the future.

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