Antivirus Security Pro

What is Antivirus Security Pro?

Antivirus Security Pro is a rogue anti-spyware application and running it on your operating Windows system is extremely dangerous. Have no doubt that this program has been created by schemers who hope to use the fake AV tool for illicit profit. The malignant anti-spyware could have been infiltrated onto the system by other clandestine computer threats, which is why the removal of the infection could be quite difficult. Cyber criminals could also infiltrate this threat using fictitious online scanner indicating that your PC is filled with threats which you allegedly need to delete. Needless to say, if the threat has been downloaded onto your computer there are security issues which you need to fix. If you do not take care of this quickly, tens of dangerous infections could be infiltrated to run alongside the rogue. Do you know how to delete Antivirus Security Pro and other computer infections?

How does Antivirus Security Pro work?

Antivirus Security Pro comes from the same family of rogue anti-spyware programs as Attentive Antivirus and System Doctor 2014. All three of these infections share the same interface so it should not be that difficult to recognize that the program running on the computer is bogus. Unfortunately, not many PC users are up-to-date with computer malware and they do not even employ authentic, reliable spyware detection and removal software to ensure full-time Windows protection. This is exactly what helps cyber crooks to pass the fictitious computer scanner as an authentic tool. Even though the rogue lists Scan PC, Quarantine, Updates, Help and similar tools – none of them are useful to your virtual security. In fact, if you click on any of the services or try to remove the listed PC infections, you will be routed straight to the Antivirus Security Pro purchase page.testtest

You should ignore the scanner because the listed threats (e.g. Win32/Rmnit.X and Win32/Ifnapod.X) are completely bogus. You should also stop panicking about the inability to connect to the Internet, launch Task Manager, Registry Editor and other Windows utilities. This is due to the blocked running of executable files which is meant to help schemers create malware removal issues. You should also stay calm if you notice any Task Bar notifications recommending you to activate the full version ($99.99) of the fake AV tool. Even though it is stated that your operating Windows system is at serious risk, you risk your virtual security much more by keeping Antivirus Security Pro running. Please see a few fake warnings:

Warning! Suspicious activity detected.
To keep the computer safe, the threat must be blocked.

Warning! Infected file detected.
Suspicious activity detected in the application firefox.exe similar to the behavior of the virus Win32/Conficker.X. For your security and to avoid loss of data, the operation of application firefox.exe has been temporarily restricted.

Automatic Antivirus Security Pro Removal

There is no doubt that you need to remove the malevolent rogue from your operating Windows system. Unfortunately, the task is quite complicated and we strongly recommend that both experienced and novice Windows users utilize reliable malware removal software. Only automatic tools, like SpyHunter, will be able to scan your computer, locate all of the running infections and delete them timely. Of course, since the rogue can block the running of executable files you may find this task just as difficult as the manual removal. Therefore, we recommend that you follow these removal steps:

  1. Apply a special activation code to register as the owner of Antivirus Security Pro. Use one of these codes: AF03E-E22AADDD-1DD55222-D13B34CC-594AAE3A or AA39754E-715219CE.
  2. Launch the browser and visit .
  3. Immediately download the automatic spyware detection and removal tool onto your computer.
  4. Install the program, scan the computer and delete malware.
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Manual Antivirus Security Pro Removal

If you are more advanced with malware removal and you have performed this task successfully at least a dozen of times in the past, you can proceed manually. These steps are not simple, so we recommend that you employ a reliable spyware scanner afterwards to check if malware has been deleted.

Open Task Manager and terminate these malicious processes:


Go to Registry Editor and remove these registry entries:

To complete the removal of the rogue delete these files:

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