You Steal Music I Lock Your PC

You Steal Music I Lock Your PC’ is a malicious infection which takes over the operating Windows system and blocks access to the desktop as soon as your personal computer boots up. researchers have discovered that the threat reconfigures the BIOS, so that you could not access it. Without a doubt, this may create serious removal issues because of the disabled access to the Safe Mode. The infection manifests through a screen-locking alert which suggests that your PC has been blocked due to some illegal music downloading or distribution. Unfortunately, the intimidating notification will come up on the screen whenever you turn on the computer. Therefore, it is a must to have You Steal Music I Lock Your PC virus deleted from the operating Windows system.

Whilst many cyber security researchers rush to call this infection a ransomware, you definitely cannot compare it with such infamous threats as Your computer has been locked Virus, Say Hello To Little Virus Brings a Lot of Problems Virus and Everything on your computer has been fully encrypted Virus. These malicious computer infections enter the PC with the help of such dangerous Trojans as Urausy, Reveton and Flimrans. Once they are activated, you are presented with a screen-locking notification which supposedly has been sent by the government, the Police or other respectable institutions. Most importantly, these threats present fines which you are demanded to pay through Ukash, Moneypak, VanillaReload and other infamous money transfer systems. Of course, these fines are bogus, and paying them is unnecessary.

Even though the infection acts differently, just like the ransomware viruses, You Steal Music I Lock Your PC infection is also composed of malignant components which need to be removed from the system in order to regain administrative privileges over it. If you do not remove the infection in time, it is quite possible that these malicious files will open security backdoors and enable the infiltration of further threats. Without a doubt, you do not want the PC crawling with keyloggers, Trojans, viruses, worms and other threats, which is why the removal of the infections should be performed without further delay.

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