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ChatZum Search

ChatZum Search or simply is a search engine which you may be offered to use while running the installer of a program which contains ChatZum toolbar. The toolbar, according to its website, is said to zoom or magnify a picture on Facebook by hover the mouse over it. As the application is available on different websites, you should always pay close attention to the information provided in installer. If you find that you do not like the terms presented, you should not install the software at all. Read more »

HeadlineAlley Toolbar

HeadlineAlley Toolbar is a browser plug-in which is supposed to help computer users and active news readers find the latest news. The add-on works on two browsers which Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. It is owned by Mindspark which develops various applications for different browsing tools. HeadlineAlley Toolbar has its official website, according to which the toolbar is a must-have add-on for any news lover. Unfortunately, the toolbar has been found to cause some trouble to those computer users who do not like reading instructions, license agreements and other contents related to the use of some products or services as it can change your home page if you do not pay attention to the information provided. Read more »

BullVid Download Manager

BullVid Download Manager

BullVid Download Manager is a free application which is said to help you access your preferred videos much faster. It enables you to start watching a movie before it has been downloaded completely. The application works on such websites, and many others. However, not only this application is powered with various features; it can also be bundled with other programs. In fact, if the program is downloaded from, the installer suggests that you install Search-Results Toolbar and make other changes. Read more » is a search engine which can become the search provider and home page of your browser and keep redirecting you to particular websites. This search engine is also referred to as a browser hijacker or redirect virus due to the redirection caused. It is owned by Magic Forever Technology Limited and the search results provided to the users are returned from Yahoo! Search, Google and Bing. The researchers recommend that you do not use and the options presented in order not to introduce any dramatic changes to the system. Read more »

Interpol Virus

Interpol Virus is a ransomware infection which has been created to make computer users think that it is a legitimate warning initiated by Interpol. The misleading message contains the credentials of the institution even though it has nothing to do with its creators. In order to deceive the user into paying a particular sum of money, Interpol Virus disables access to the system. The user is restricted from accessing the desktop or any other parts of the system, which is why it is necessary to remove threat by implementing a powerful malware removal tool. Read more » is a search engine which you may regard as a browser hijacker if it has suddenly replaced your favorite home page and search engine. The changes are likely to have been caused by some application which might have been installed as a browser add-on. If you are sure that you have not installed any application before the changes were made, it suggests that your computer is infected with a more serious threat. In any case, our team heartily recommends that you do keep neither on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome nor on Mozilla Firefox. In other words, remove from the PC as soon as you can. Read more »


Win32/Sirefef.DA is a dangerous computer infection, also referred to as a Trojan horse because it can sneak to the PC via drive-by downloads and other channels. This threat has been noticed to cause browser redirection issues, which means that instead of the website that you want to visit when clicking the link provided, you will be redirected to some insecure website. This threat can be detected by anti-virus programs, including ESET; unfortunately, even when Win32/Sirefef.DA is claimed to be removed the same detection is presented shortly. Read more »


Trojan.Spyeye is a computer threat categorized as a Trojan horse. This stealthy malware is aimed at stealing computer users’ sensitive information such as bank account login information or even money. The later is done by providing users with a fake bank account window which shows that the balance has not changed. The threat is rather old; however, from time to time a new more powerful version is created. Moreover, you may not receive any alert regarding the presence of Trojan.Spyeye even if you have anti-virus software. Very often, such tools are not enough as more powerful anti-spyware programs, such as SpyHunter, are necessary to detect and remove spyware. Read more »

Securebit Virus

Securebit Virus

Securebit Virus is a fake anti-virus program which is promoted by the registered company Secure Bit Technologies. The company is registered in New Delhi, India and it provides Internet security tools.  It has been observed that in order to promote the services of the company, a bogus security program has been released. Moreover, the application or fake software is digitally signed. It means that the company admits that the application is its property. Read more »

The State of Qatar Ministry of Interior CashU virus

The State of Qatar Ministry of Interior CashU virus is a cunning computer infection which will make your operating system inoperable. However, you will be able to regain access to the system if you take immediate measures to remove the threat for this is exactly what you have to do. The State of Qatar Ministry of Interior CashU virus, or rather the warning which you find on your screen, is an attempt to get your money. Ignore the statements that you are accused of being responsible for the illegal actions performed on your computer. The allegations are falsified and there is no need to do what is said in the warning. Read more »