Securebit Virus

What is Securebit Virus?

Securebit Virus is a fake anti-virus program which is promoted by the registered company Secure Bit Technologies. The company is registered in New Delhi, India and it provides Internet security tools.  It has been observed that in order to promote the services of the company, a bogus security program has been released. Moreover, the application or fake software is digitally signed. It means that the company admits that the application is its property. The alleged reason for employing such a strategy is believed to be the aim to increase the potential revenues of the company. If your computer contains Securebit Virus, which can be detected as MSIL/LockScreen.EC or label as Free Antivirus, the team recommends deleting the application as soon as possible.

What does Securebit Virus do?

Securebit Virus is known to delete some files located in the sub-folders of the Documents and Settings folder and create new files such as activation.txt. More important, the fake application is capable of displaying bogus security notifications and locking the PC. First, the malware imitates system scans and displays various warnings suggesting to take appropriate measures that is the user is suggested to register the program or call the helpline:

License code:
If you do not have license code, contact support
1 (800) 862-250

Warning: Unable to clean all files.
Contact customer service for complete cleaning.
USA / Canada Toll Free : 1-800-862-2015

It is important to disregard the status presented by the malicious program. According to Securebit Virus, the status of your PC is “Poor”. However, it is just a trick. The registration code which is required by the bogus application is provided below, and if your computer has not been locked yet, try applying it.test

Registration code: 7838408274

However, if you do not manage to remove Securebit Virus or register the program with the code provided, the malicious program locks the computer. It seems that that the major goal of the fake anti-virus software is to make you contact the tech support.  When you call the telephone number provided, you will be offered you to purchase new software which is said to help you unlock the PC. However, we recommend ignoring the warnings displayed as they have been created to deceive you. Do not call the helpline but remove Secure Virus from the system because this is the only safe way to get rid of the fake application.

How to remove Securebit Virus?

Even though no networking capabilities were noticed, it is important that next time when a potentially unwanted application or a computer infection is installed you be informed about it. To protect the PC and your privacy, we recommend using SpyHunter. This anti-spyware software will detect the threat as Rogue.SecureBit and remove it easily. More other, it makes sure that no other threats will enter the system to deceive you or corrupt the system.

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