What is Trojan.Spyeye?

Trojan.Spyeye is a computer threat categorized as a Trojan horse. This stealthy malware is aimed at stealing computer users’ sensitive information such as bank account login information or even money. The later is done by providing users with a fake bank account window which shows that the balance has not changed. The threat is rather old; however, from time to time a new more powerful version is created. Moreover, you may not receive any alert regarding the presence of Trojan.Spyeye even if you have anti-virus software. Very often, such tools are not enough as more powerful anti-spyware programs, such as SpyHunter, are necessary to detect and remove spyware.

How does Trojan.Spyeye affect the PC?

It has been observed that Trojan.Spyeye may be spread by other malware such as Web Exploit Toolkits. Once the threat gets to the PC, it alters the registry so that it starts running whenever the systems start.  Moreover, the threat installs a configuration file which is known to be a password-protected ZIP archive which is located in the %SystemDrive% directory. Then the malware attempts to collect information, including computer name, websites visited, and so on.

The latest version of Trojan.Spyeye is known to have targeted banks in the U.S. and the UK. The study of the threat has revealed that the infection is capable of reassuring that your money on your bank account has not been tampered with. The malicious software steals your passwords and waits until you use the same details to access your bank account. Even if the user logs into his or her bank account after the illegal money withdrawal, there are no signs that his or her money has been drained out.

It has also investigated that the number of the banks and their customers are increasing. Such countries as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Moldova, Estonia, Japan and some others are struggling with the threat, which means that more criminals are buying the so-called SpyEye toolkit which has been claimed to be a tweak of the Zeus crimeware.

How to remove Trojan.Spyeye?

As Trojan.Spyeye steals information while one is using Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or other browsing tools, it is important to prevent redirection to phishing websites by making sure that you the browse will check for blacklisted websites. Moreover, it is vitally important to have a professional anti-spyware program which can immediately react to the attempts to make unauthorized changes in the system. In order to check the status of the system, implement SpyHunter or its free scanner so that you can take appropriate measures if any threats are detected.

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