What is Win32/Sirefef.DA?

Win32/Sirefef.DA is a dangerous computer infection, also referred to as a Trojan horse because it can sneak to the PC via drive-by downloads and other channels. This threat has been noticed to cause browser redirection issues, which means that instead of the website that you want to visit when clicking the link provided, you will be redirected to some insecure website. This threat can be detected by anti-virus programs, including ESET; unfortunately, even when Win32/Sirefef.DA is claimed to be removed the same detection is presented shortly.

What does Win32/Sirefef.DA do?

Apparently the threat seeks to lure you into browsing websites which seek to drive more traffic and increase revenues. It is likely that you will be spammed with advertisements offering you to purchase some product or service.  Do not browse the website you are redirected to as such a method can also be employed for infecting the computer with new malware.

What is more, it is known that Win32/Sirefef.DA spreads it active components so that when one of them is terminated it can function normally and continue its malicious. If you find that the computer is running slowly, it is one of the symptoms that you should take immediate actions.

By utilizing the malicious components, including defender.exe and serial.sys, the Trojan can conceal itself in order to prevent removal and communicate with attackers and, for example, download new threats. Additionally, the threat can corrupt Windows system core files. For instance, it can inject its codes into the driver located under C:\Windows\System32\drivers\csc.sys. If you receive an error message related to this system component, the reason why it has been displayed may be a fault in the Registry, low disk space or malware. In any case, it is important to find out whether the system contains malicious files or not.

As to the origin of the threat, it is known to hail from Win32/Sirefef malware family which contains various threats. All of them seek to download arbitrary files and disable security features so that cyber criminals’ plans can be easily implemented.

How to remove Win32/Sirefef.DA?

If your security tool detects Win32/Sirefef.DA but cannot terminate it for good, install spyware removal program SpyHunter. This tool will easily delete the Trojan and safeguard the PC against future computer threats.  You can also use our 100 percent free scanner which will easily detect the threat and other unwanted files that should be removed.

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