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Best Malware Protection

In the ever continuing effort to protect your PC against all known and unknown threats, you’ll want to steer well clear of Best Malware Protection. Contrary to what its name suggests, Best Malware Protection does not have the ability to protect your PC, or offer any type of benefit to your system. Best Malware Protection manages to fool many PC owners concerned about the safety and security of their PCs into paying for its utterly worthless software. Do not become its next victim. Read more »

System Diagnostic

A number of malicious pests have been plaguing unsuspecting users’ computers lately and System Diagnostic is one of them. It is a rogue antispyware application which imitates the appearance and functions of a real security program, but please be aware of the fact, that apart from the attractive design there is nothing appealing about System Diagnostic. Therefore, it is of your best interest, to stay away from such parasites as System Diagnostic. Read more »

Windows Remedy

There are two sides of the same coin, and the very same thing is applicable to the Internet. Even though it is very useful, it is also full of such computer threats as Windows Remedy. This malicious pest is a rogue antispyware application which masquerades as a genuine security program. It is good at copying the appearance and the security alert messages of well-known software. By employing such dirty tactics, Windows Remedy works towards its goal. Read more »

Clean This

With all the time and effort invested by developers of rogue security tools into their applications these days, it has become that much more difficult to distinguish between genuine security applications and rogue antispyware tools such as Clean This. This rogue in particular is a nasty infection which will surely be the cause of crippling damage to your PC if you do not get rid of Clean This in time. Read more »

Windows Diagnostic

It can be easy to fall for the vicious lies of Windows Diagnostic. This rogue antispyware application comes across as a genuine security tool out to protect your PC from known and unknown threats, but in reality it offers no benefit to your system. Windows Diagnostic was designed to fleece consumers out of their hard earned money, while leaving them with nothing of value in return. Despite what Windows Diagnostic would like its prospective victims to believe it is not capable of detecting or removing any type of threat from a system. It makes use of established forms of infection, using Trojans to root its malware in its host PCs. Read more »

Windows Troubles Remover

Do not fall for the clever and deceptive lies of Windows Troubles Remover. This rogue antispyware application was designed to fool you into parting with your money for a worthless piece of scamware which is unable to live up to any of its over embellished promises. Despite its impressive and genuine looking graphical user interfaces, Windows Troubles Remover does not own the ability to detect, quarantine or remove any type of infection from the system. This is because Windows Troubles Remover is nothing more than an infection in itself. Read more »

Windows Troublemakers Agent

Despite the concerted efforts of the online security industry to secure the opposite many PC owners continue to fall victim to seditious rogue security tools like Windows Troublemakers Agent. This rogue does a brilliant job of impersonating the real workings of a genuine security application, but in reality is nothing more than a sly rogue antispyware application. Read more »

Windows Servant System

With all the sophistication invested into fake security tools by developers of rogueware it can be difficult for even experienced users to distinguish between genuine applications and rogue antispyware tools such as Windows Servant System. This rogue in particular offers a nasty infection which if left untreated will go on to leave lasting damage to your operating system. Read more »

Windows Defence Center

It can be easy to fall for the seemingly legitimate looking Windows Defence Center. The truth of the matter is that Windows Defence Center is nothing more than a malicious rogue antispyware application out to cause havoc on its victims’ PCs. Windows Defence Center will do everything in its power to convince the user that it is a genuine security tool, but the truth of the matter is it has no ability whatsoever to detect or remove any type of threat from an infected PC, and is indeed an infection in itself. Read more »

Windows Error Correction

Do not be fooled by the seemingly genuine looking Windows Error Correction. This rogue antispyware tool will not benefit your PC in the least and will only steal your money while leaving you with nothing of value in return. Windows Error Correction was developed by unscrupulous cyber criminals to impersonate the real workings of an antispyware security application. It will do its utmost to convince users that it is a genuine security tool, but despite what it might say Windows Error Correction does not have the ability to detect or remove any type of malware or infections from a system. Read more »