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Antivirus Monitor

Do not trust rogue security tool Antivirus Monitor. This rogue security tool was designed with the explicit intent of ripping honest consumers off. Antivirus Monitor pretends to be a genuine security tool but in reality is nothing more than a sophisticated online scam. Despite what it would like its victims to believe, Antivirus Monitor will not be able to detect, quarantine or remove any type of infection. Instead it will leave the user with a bunch of headache inducing problems while stealing his money. Read more »

VirusClear 2011

In the online security industry a preemptive attack on a dangerous rogue is frequently the difference between offering up to the minute protection to users and being caught off guard by destructive and devastating threats. This is why we have decided to warn about an impending campaign lodged by various suspect websites intending to promote the as yet unreleased rogue antispyware tool VirusClear 2011. The websites in question need to be approached with severe caution, as their design and layout correspond alarmingly well with those that promote and distribute named and shamed rogue Antimalware Go. These websites are as follow: Read more »

Windows DebugSystem

You must be opening your mailbox every single day without even thinking that it might be the source of your problems. Windows DebugSystem is a malicious software application from the family of rogue anti-spyware and one of its distribution methods is email spam. Whenever you receive an email from an unknown sender you should be cautious about reading it or even opening it, especially if the email has any attachment of the sorts. These attachments can contain Windows DebugSystem and you might not even notice that you have initiated the download or installation process until it is too late. Read more »

Windows Efficiency Manager

Do not trust Windows Efficiency Manager . This rogue antispyware application was designed to fleece you out of your hard earned money and will offer no benefit to you whatsoever. The developers behind Windows Efficiency Manager created it to act as a vehicle with which they trick gullible consumers into parting with their hard earned cash offering them nothing in return but an empty shell. Read more »

Windows Performance Manager

Windows Performance Manager is a rogue anti-spyware application which comes forth with intention to rip you off. It roams around the vast spaces of the Internet, lurking hidden in fake online malware scanners and browser hijackers. One single click and you can be infected without you even knowing it. Therefore, you should take your computer’s safety into serious consideration and protect yourself from such threats as Windows Performance Manager. Read more »