Memory Optimizer

What is Memory Optimizer?

Memory Optimizer is not a good software program by any sense of the word and is really a rogue antispyware application which has been created by bad people who only have only had bad intentions. Inclusive in their bad intentions is to try and steal your money by presenting you with all types of false positives to try and convince you that your computer system is in fact infected and that the solution to these problems is to proceed to pay a fee for a full Memory Optimizer version which should fix your computer.

Now this is all false and in reality you will not receive any software product no matter how much money you pay, because Memory Optimizer has been set up to steal your money. When it comes to removing Memory Optimizer from your computer system you could make use of the automatic removal process or the manual removal process. Computer security experts advise users against the manual Memory Optimizer removal process because it requires in depth computer knowledge as well as computer skills in terms of navigating your way around the operating system and knowing all the files and folders on your machine in a technical manner.

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