Windows Optimization & Security

What is Windows Optimization & Security?

Never trust anything remotely connected to Windows Optimization & Security. This harmful rogue antispyware and optimization tool is only out to trick you into parting with your money while offering you nothing substantial in return. Windows Optimization & Security successfully tricks users into parting with their money because of its well designed user interfaces and genuine looking applications. Illicit and criminal websites are used to distribute Windows Optimization & Security, by having users simply redirected to the site which hosts the Windows Optimization & Security infection.
More and more dreaded sites are making use of these drive-by download techniques, and it is a growing concern among industry professionals. Windows Optimization & Security also bundles its malware and Trojan infections together with other software such as codecs and updates. Users infected with Windows Optimization & Security have reported issues such as being unable to establish an Internet connection, not being able to launch any executables and increased system erratic behaviour. Windows Optimization & Security has the ability to do permanent damage to any infected PC, and will stop at nothing to achieve its main goal. Do not fall victim to this incredulous rogue, and remove Windows Optimization & Security before it destroys your PC.

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