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Disk Antivirus Professional

Disk Antivirus Professional

Right after you notice that Disk Antivirus Professional is running on your computer – you have to act quickly in order to delete this vicious Windows infection. The application resembles a real, authentic malware detection and removal tool; however, it actually is the newest cyber criminals’ product. The devious program could be slipped onto your PC via bundled downloads, spam email attachments, social engineering cams and other security backdoors. Read more »

Smart Security

Smart Security

Smart Security is the name of a fraudulent spyware removal application which is attributed to the Rogue.WinPCDefender family. As the ultimate goal of this rogue application is to get your money by deception, various scare techniques are employed. This program does not scan the PC but pretends to do so by displaying fake security warnings and scans which you should pay no attention to. Why? If you pay the money for the licensed version of Smart Security, you do not get anything in return as the system remains vulnerable to computer infections. Read more »

Vista Anti-Spyware 2013

Vista Anti-Spyware 2013 is perilous software or an infection whose installation you will not notice, because it is typically installed by a Trojan, which gets into the system without a trace. However, you will notice Vista Anti-Spyware 2013 easily, because it looks like antivirus software, and its ultimate goal is to scare you into thinking that you are at risk. It will make an effort to convince you to buy its “full” version to remove various infections, which are imaginary and nonexistent. Read more »

Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013

Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013 is a fake anti-virus tool which you should stay way from at all costs. Of course, you should not waste your money on the full version of a fictitious security application which supposedly can delete malicious applications running on your computer. Generating illicit profit is the reason why schemers developed this rogue anti-spyware and its clones, Read more »

Optimizer Pro Speed Guard

Even though more and more measures are being taken to protect Windows systems, cyber criminals, who have created System Progressive Protection, and the newest clone Optimizer Pro Speed Guard, work hard to make room for fake antispyware applications. Such malicious software have fooled a countless number of Windows users, and if your system is not protected by legal security software, the vicious virus could attack your system next. Read more »

XP Anti-virus 2013

If you have a PC, you must have a computer security program, as well, because an unprotected system may get easily infected with malware such as XP Anti-virus 2013. It introduces some malfunctions and creates an illusion that the system has stopped running properly because of the present of viruses and other infections, which do not actually exist in the system. Ignore the infections presented and remove XP Anti-virus 2013 as soon as you can. Read more »

XP Anti-virus 2013

XP Anti-virus 2013 is a piece of malware created to lure you into buying a non-functional program which supposedly removes viruses. This bogus application mimics operations of legitimate antivirus programs and expects that you will start thinking that you are infected. XP Anti-virus 2013 gets into the system through a Trojan that you may download bundled with other applications such as video codecs, video or music players, email attachments, etc. Once installed, the rogue presents misleading information, and you should remove it as soon as you can. Read more »

Win7 Home Security 2013

We have no doubts you wish to have your operating Windows system protected at all times, and if you are on a quest of acquiring legal security software, Win7 Home Security 2013 is not what you should be looking for. From the first sight, this application might look as your best option, as it will claim to offer you best malware detection and removal services, and its price might be extremely engaging. Read more »

XP Anti-Spyware 2013

Activated Windows security is highly important, because it can protect your personal privacy and ensure that malignant applications like XP Anti-Spyware 2013 do not enter your PC with the first sprung opportunity. If such implementations do not exist in your computer – beware of this infection, because it has already tricked many into giving up their hardly-earned money. You should remove XP Anti-Spyware 2013 if you notice its inimical computer scanner running on your screen, and a paralyzing bogus notifications’ attack is already terrorizing you relentlessly. Read more »

XP Home Security 2013

You should delete XP Home Security 2013 from your Windows system, without even pondering about this application’s legitimacy, because it is a highly dangerous fake antispyware, which cyber criminals will use to deceive you into giving away your money. Schemers will use the mimicked infection to falsely convince you that your personal computer is being affected by highly dangerous malware; however, it definitely do not exist in your PC, and you should stay away from purchasing XP Home Security 2013’s licensed version malware removal tool. Read more »