XP Anti-virus 2013

What is XP Anti-virus 2013?

XP Anti-virus 2013 is a piece of malware created to lure you into buying a non-functional program which supposedly removes viruses. This bogus application mimics operations of legitimate antivirus programs and expects that you will start thinking that you are infected. XP Anti-virus 2013 gets into the system through a Trojan that you may download bundled with other applications such as video codecs, video or music players, email attachments, etc. Once installed, the rogue presents misleading information, and you should remove it as soon as you can.

If you do remove this infection, you will have to bear its misleading scans and simulated infections such as worms, viruses, Trojans, etc, not to mention annoying Task Bar pop-up messages pushing you into activating the full version of XP Anti-virus 2013. Importantly, as the infection presented do not exist on your machine, do not even try to delete them, because instead of malicious elements some valid files of the system may be deleted. Moreover, do not believe that your PC is infected, because the only possible infection may be the very rogue, which should be deleted.

Although you can delete the infection manually, we highly recommend you remove XP Anti-virus 2013 with an automatic malware removal tool. The rogue will be detected and fully removed, because an antispyware application detects all the components of the infection. If you carry out the same procedure manually, it is possible that you will skip something, which does not guarantee that the infection will not be regenerated.

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