Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013

What is Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013?

Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013 is a fake anti-virus tool which you should stay way from at all costs. Of course, you should not waste your money on the full version of a fictitious security application which supposedly can delete malicious applications running on your computer. Generating illicit profit is the reason why schemers developed this rogue anti-spyware and its clones, including Win 7 Antivirus Plus 2013 and Win 7 Internet Security Pro 2013. Additionally to tens of others, these fake security tools form a well-known FakeRean (or Braviax) family. If you run unprotected Windows Vista, you may need to watch out for Vista Defender 2013 and similar infections. The ability to produce threats accordingly to the infected Windows version is one of the rogue’s strengths. If you want to find out how to remove Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013, you should continue reading and learn tips which will help you with the removal operation.

Do you have to delete Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013?

The rogue needs to be deleted the second you notice it running on your PC. Unfortunately, the program shows up only once your operating system is corrupted and removal processes are aggravated greatly. As research shows, the malicious program can block Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, two of the most popular browsers. What is more, the infection can even restrict access to Task Manager or Registry Editor and stop you from running many system executable files. These symptoms are meant to make Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013 removal impossible; however, they are also employed to trick you into purchasing the fake security tool.

All recommendations and offers placed within the fictitious rogue’s interface should be ignored. Neither the scanner nor the simulated Task Bar notifications are legitimate, and you should ignore them without further hesitation. Here are a few examples:

Stealth intrusion!
Infection detected in the background. Your computer is now attacked by spyware and rogue software. Eliminate the infection safely, perform a security scan and deletion now.

Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013 has blocked a program from accessing the internet
Internet Explorer is infected with Trojan-BNK.Win32.Keylogger.gen
Private data can be stolen by third parties, including credit card details and passwords.

How to remove Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013?

Even though Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013 removal may seem like an impossible task, there are some steps you can perform to delete the rogue. Do not rush to reinstall your computer or, worse, purchase the licensed version of the fictitious tool. It would be best to install an authentic malware removal tool which could detect and delete the rogue in minutes. recommends SpyHunter. Please use the steps below to download and install this program onto your infected computer; however, firstly apply a registration code which should remove existing symptoms: 3425-814615-3990.

  1. Go to and download SpyHunter. If you cannot launch IE or Mozilla Firefox, employ another browser.
  2. Find the installation file and rename it to
  3. Run the file and allow the program to scan your operating Windows system.
100% FREE spyware scan and
tested removal of Win 7 Anti-Virus 2013*

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