MusicBox Live Extension

What is MusicBox Live Extension?

MusicBox Live Extension is an extension for Chrome, and various security experts categorize this application in various ways. Some might consider this application a potentially unwanted program. Our research team goes a little bit further and says that this app is a browser hijacker. This would mean that MusicBox Live Extension modifies your browser’s settings without your permission, and then consequently exposes you to potentially harmful content. The bottom line in this is that this application could cause certain computer security issues, so the sooner you remove it from your computer, the better.test

Where does MusicBox Live Extension come from?

The thing we have to emphasize here is that MusicBox Live Extension is not a malicious computer infection. Albeit we have categorized it as a browser hijacker, this application is available out in the open, and it does not hide its presence. For instance, there is an official homepage for the program, which is supposed to be part of the distribution network. However, the page at does not work at the time of writing. So it raises a few questions about the reliability of this application.

It is also possible to find MusicBox Live Extension at the Chrome Web Store. There is a page dedicated to this extension, too. However, users who want to delete this extension might say that they never visited the Chrome Web Store, or they do not remember installing this application. It would not be surprising because clearly the most common distribution method that is applied by this extension as well is bundled downloads.

This means that various potentially unwanted programs come in software packages when users download freeware from file-sharing websites. Users need to understand that third-party installers that carry various programs might bundle additional applications and features together with the main program you wanted to download. So you could also AVOID adding MusicBox Live Extension if you were more attentive whenever you install new applications. There should be an option in the installation wizard that would allow you to leave unwanted applications out. On the other hand, if users skip through the installation steps, it is only natural that they end up with a lot of unwanted programs on-board. So it could be that MusicBox Live Extension is just one of the many unnecessary applications that you have on your computer.

What does MusicBox Live Extension do?

Since we have categorized this extension as a browser hijacker, it would mean that it changes your browser’s settings in a certain way. It is important to note that the main function of this extension will be something entirely different. According to the information presented in the Chrome Web Store, this extension should help you render “playlists in just one click.” In other words, the extension is supposed to help you find your favorite artists and songs on the Internet. It can also help users share the songs they like with their friends.

However, this comes with a catch. By agreeing to add MusicBox Live Extension to your browser, you automatically modify your browser’s settings. Albeit there is no information about the browser settings modification in the introductory page on the Chrome Web Store, it says that by installing MusicBox Live Extension, “you agree to the End User License Agreement and the Privacy Policy and to receiving any future updates and upgrades.”

It wouldn’t sound that bad if we didn’t know that MusicBox Live Extension changes your default search engine to Consequently, it also means that the extension collects information on your web browsing habit. When the program has enough information collected, it can display modified commercial advertisements, which eventually would expose you to potentially corrupted third-party content.

How do I remove MusicBox Live Extension?

It is very easy to remove MusicBox Live Extension from your computer. You just need to delete the extension via your browser’s settings menu. It should be enough to terminate everything related to this application.

However, if you think that there might be more undesirable applications installed, you can always scan your computer with the SpyHunter free scanner. A full system scan will detect any potential threats at once. Terminate them all as soon as possible, and then secure your computer against similar intruders by acquiring a licensed antispyware tool.

Manual MusicBox Live Extension Removal

  1. Open your Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and click More tools.
  3. Select Extensions.
  4. Remove MusicBox Live Extension from the list. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of MusicBox Live Extension*

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