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What is Search Pro?

You might have been introduced to Search Pro as a “search management extension” that, allegedly, can provide access to trending searches that are “carefully reviewed and selected” by the creator. That certainly sounds pretty amazing, and so it is not surprising that many people have chosen to install it onto their browsers. Did you download it too? If you did, it is possible that you used the Chrome Web Store installer ( The extension can also be introduced to people with the help of pop-ups and advertisements, and some might even feel like they are forced to install it. So, which one is the scenario you are a part of? Whether you installed the potentially unwanted program (PUP) after close deliberation, or you do not remember installing it in the first place, you have the same reasons to remove it. Continue reading, and you will learn why our research team advises deleting Search Pro.testtesttest

How does Search Pro work?

Once you install Search Pro, it immediately makes changes to your browser. When you open it on Google Chrome, you should see a New Tab page, even if you previously had not set up New Tab to open on startup. You should find introduced via the New Tab page, and this is also the search engine that should change the default search provider. This might not seem suspicious at all, considering that the extension is meant to offer search management services. Well, the search tool is certainly unreliable, and we do not recommend trusting it under any circumstances. That is exactly why we do not recommend trusting View Free Recipes, Easy Gaming App, Weather Forecaster, and all other PUPs created by Eightpoint Technologies Ltd. either. This is the creator of Search Pro as well. Most of the time, these PUPs redirect to, and even though Yahoo Search is known as a trusted and legitimate search tool, know that PUPs can modify the results shown via it. So, if you do not want to face ads and sponsored content that comes from unknown parties, you should not use PUPs for web browsing.

When you install Search Pro, you agree that this PUP can read and change data on sites, take over the New Tab page, change search settings, and also read browsing history. This might not seem like a big deal, but know that the Privacy Policy at informs about the collection of both personal and non-personal information. Also, all recorded information can be shared with undisclosed parties. Even if Eightpoint Technologies has no malicious intentions, there are too many unknowns in this situation (e.g., how is personal information protected or who can access it), and that leaves room for potential security loopholes. If you do not want to put your own virtual security at risk for a useless search tool that does not offer anything beneficial, we suggest that you remove Search Pro without any hesitation. We also recommend that you clear your browsing data to ensure that there are no cookies left behind to gather information about your browsing activity. If you are going to delete specific cookies, make sure that you look for third-party-related cookies as well.

How to delete Search Pro

The guides below should help you remove Search Pro in absolutely no time. All you have to do is access a few menus on your browser and remove a few items. It is most likely that Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users will have to deal with Search Pro, which is why these are the browsers that we have decided to represent in our manual removal guide; however, note that we can always post additional guides per your request. If you need other guides, or if you have questions about the PUP or its removal processes, you can use the comments section below. That being said, note that manual removal is not the ideal option in all cases. For example, if the PUP was installed along with threats, or if threats existed before the installation, implementing anti-malware software that can perform removal automatically is the better option. Of course, you will reap the benefits of such software only if it is legitimate and trustworthy.

Removal Guides

Google Chrome

  1. Launch Chrome and enter chrome://extensions/ into the address bar.
  2. Identify the potentially unwanted program and click Remove.
  3. Enter chrome://settings/clearBrowserData into the address bar.
  4. Navigate to the Advanced menu and, first, choose the correct time range.
  5. Select the boxes you want and then click Clear data.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Launch Firefox and enter about:addons into the address bar.
  2. Identify the potentially unwanted program, click , and click Remove.
  3. Enter about:preferences#privacy into the address bar.
  4. Scroll down to History and then click Clear History…
  5. Choose the correct time range, select the boxes you want, and click OK. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Search Pro*


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