FileCoder Ransomware

What is FileCoder Ransomware?

When your desktop turns black all of a sudden, it must spook you quite a lot. Also, it is easy to understand that you have been infected with a malicious infection. This is exactly what FileCoder Ransomware is all about. This computer threat enters your system uninvited and turns it into chaos. The program has the ability to encrypt most of your files, thus successfully blocking you from accessing your documents. You must remove FileCoder Ransomware immediately to save yourself and your computer from malicious exploitation. What’s more, you should definitely invest in a computer security application because that would be the most efficient way to protect your PC from similar infections.testtesttest

Where does FileCoder Ransomware come from?

We have been dealing with different types of ransomware infections lately. There are at least several families of these infections, but FileCoder Ransomware does not belong to any of them. Our research specialists have found that this program does not have a specific family, and the entire program code is done in a very primitive way.

FileCoder Ransomware itself can also be categorized as a Trojan because it employs similar distribution methods. To put it simply, this infection spreads through e-mail messages. Users receive loads of spam e-mails on a regular basis. The spam e-mail messages that distribute FileCoder Ransomware come with an attachment file. The file might look like some image or an MS Word document. In other words, it tricks you into opening the attachment and you launch the infection’s setup file without even realizing it.

What does FileCoder Ransomware do?

It does not take a genius to tell that FileCoder Ransomware is a crypto ransomware application. This means that aside from asking for a ransom fee, the program also encrypts your files using the following format: (random 30-40 symbols)=.(Public key/id).xtbl. Thus, all the files that have been affected by this infection will look something like this: +ZbqqFW3GvQBToOqhndAEmLK1bBCKdIMYN+SSbeT1iI=.F6E9D779976840D0BB78.xtbl. FileCoder Ransomware affects a lot of main file types, including .txt, .docs, .jpg, .png, .docx, and so on. As you can see, the ransomware program virtually blocks you from accessing your most commonly used documents.

Once the encryption is complete, FileCoder Ransomware changes your desktop’s wallpaper to a black background with red text in Russian and English:

All the important files on your disks were encrypted.
The details can be found in README.txt files which you can find on any of your disks.

The infection expects you to contact its creators via the given e-mail addresses. It also says that if you attempt to decrypt anything yourself, it would only result in “irrevocable loss of your data.” To be perfectly honest, the people behind FileCoder Ransomware are using the XOR algorithm to for the encryption, and it would be possible generate an individual key that could restore your files. You can find tools for that on the Internet, but if you are not an experienced computer user, it is for the best to leave it all to the professionals.

How do I remove FileCoder Ransomware?

It is easy to acquire a reliable antispyware tool even if you are infected with FileCoder Ransomware because the ransomware application does not block your Internet access or your browser. Please follow the instructions below to remove FileCoder Ransomware for good. Contact computer security specialists to find out more about file decryption, and please back up your data on an external hard drive so that a restoration would be possible immediately.

Delete FileCoder Ransomware

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Enter into the address bar.
  3. Press Enter and access the website.
  4. Click Run on the download dialog box.
  5. Download and install SpyHunter.
  6. Run a full system scan.
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