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Shylock malware spreads through Skype

Shylock Trojan is a dangerous cyber infection that steals financial information and gains illegal access to bank accounts. The overall setup of Shylock has received an improvement now that it can spread via Skype and consequently it allows the Trojan to attack and infect devices that have the Voice-over-IP instant messaging client installed. The new function to spread through Skype has been added with a plug-in named “msg.gsm”. Read more »

Red October - the newest cyberspy

New Cybervirus

Last Monday Kaspersky Labs posted a security report on its website, saying that a new cyberspy campaign has been uncovered, and its scope is something we haven’t quite seen before. The new cyberspy virus has been called “Red October” after Tom Clancy’s novel, and the new cyber threat is no less dangerous than the fictitious Typhoon class submarine. According to Kaspersky, Read more »

Java 7 Security Flaw

There are so many pieces of advice floating around on the Internet these days, that it is of no surprise that users can feel lost and disoriented. The kind of advice that catches your eye at once, however, is the one that says close your browser and stay away from the Internet altogether. Why? Apparently, the latest version of Java 7 has such a serious security flaw that users are warned to disable Java-based browser plug-ins altogether. Read more »

Top 2012-2013 Computer Viruses Review

2012 was a busy year for computer malware creators and security experts alike. A great number of computer infections were released last year, but there were three groups of computer threats that stood out the most. These were System Progressive Protection, a multi-name fake antivirus from Braviax family and Ukash virus ransomware infection with its most prominent version called FBI Moneypak virus. None of these infections is absolutely new. They all come from certain groups of computer threats that are periodically re-released, and thus we can presuppose that we will once again see new variations of these infections in 2013 as well. Read more »

Alexa Toolbar

Cyber criminals keep inventing new ways to corrupt your virtual security and generate illegal profits. Alexa Toolbar is one of the programs that virtual crooks have employed for their malignant operations. If you do not have the corrupted Alexa Toolbar removed from the PC, you will discover that this add-on can do much more than just alleviate your online shopping. This concise report will explain how dangerous the program can be once under the control of schemers; therefore, Read more »

SpyHunter 4 Review - Download Spyhunter

SpyHunter 4 Review - Download Spyhunter

Is SpyHunter 4 a real program or a fake one?

This is the question that users commonly ask when they see this program offering to remove computer threats. Naturally, there are a lot of fake antivirus programs out there, but SpyHunter 4 is a legitimate application that focuses on fighting rogue antispyware, Trojans, worms, potentially unwanted adware and other computer threats. This antispyware remover was also featured on Read more »

Fake London Olympic Tickets - Internet Scams!

London Olympics 2012 are only a couple of days away, and those who have missed their opportunity to get a hold of tickets to their favorite sport events, are desperate. Unfortunately, this desperation has led thousands of oblivious sport enthusiasts into trusting, a fake online ticket seller, which looks as legitimate as the next vendor. Read more »

LinkBucks Redirect

LinkBucks Redirect

Linkbucks is a potentially unwanted program, which will make sure you are redirected to the infection related websites, and this will be operated through changed browser settings, making you end up in different sites, whenever you click on any of the Google Search results. This unwanted activity is supposed to make you irritated to the point where you are willing to pay money to cyber criminals. Read more »

BestAV2 - antispyware distribution network from inside

Computer users who have to deal with rogue antispyware infection from time to time should be familiar with the name MS Removal Tool. It is a dangerous computer threat, which helps cyber criminals to make loads of money. What the users might not know, however, is HOW exactly these rogues get redistributed and the fake antivirus business works. The mechanics behind BestAV2 domain has been revealed in the latest research. Read more »

Fake security software takes a bite of Apple

Usually there are about 100,000 new malicious programs for Windows detected every single day, and normally the number of malware intended for Max OS X is a lot smaller. But that does not mean that Mac owners can think there are no threats out there. Especially as recently hundreds of people have been attacked by fake security software called MACDefender. A lot of users were very keen to get rid of it, especially as the program spammed their screens with pornographic pictures. Read more »