Fake London Olympic Tickets - Internet Scams!

London Olympics 2012 are only a couple of days away, and those who have missed their opportunity to get a hold of tickets to their favorite sport events, are desperate. Unfortunately, this desperation has led thousands of oblivious sport enthusiasts into trusting liveolympictickets.com, a fake online ticket seller, which looks as legitimate as the next vendor.

Once you open up the website, you are greeted by such usual tabs as Olympic tickets, Venue, Hotels, Live Chat Support, or FAQ, and it is really surprising how much effort cyber criminals have put into making this site highly reliable. The Frequently Asked Questions area is supported by professional-looking information, and all other features seem to be primed with the top-notch data. Even About Us area seems completely legitimate:

 Welcome to LiveOlympicTickets

With track record of 5 summer Olympics in a row, Since 1992 Barcelona summer Olympic we are able to consistently provide our customers with quality seats at excellent prices for all the Olympic sports events.

Over the years we have developed the best online system to guaranteed and secure our clients data base, and payment A proven track record of excellent customer service, reliability and value make dealing with LiveOlympicTickets a truly memorable experience.

With a worldwide reach and the ability to gain access to the most coveted seats at the most popular Olympic events, LiveOlympicTickets is your surefire source for premium tickets. We can ensure the best possible seats at the best possible price.

Many international travel agents and large tour operators rely on LiveOlympicTickets for just this reason.

Finally, we understand that consistency is the key.

Our years of experience coupled with an always-friendly staff ensure your great experience with LiveOlympicTickets.

A highly informative sports event schedule will offer you to purchase tickets to all Olympic Games events, and if you wanted to attend, for example, Athletics Day 1, you would be asked to spend from £227 to £499 (VIP Gold ticket) – prices, which do not differ much from the original ones.

To purchase these tickets, you would be asked to register with the bogus website, and you should not even think about proceeding with that, because this would help schemers to collect your name, telephone, mobile, e-mail and other sensitive information. If you do not want your name to get pined to other cyber crooks’ scams, do not share any of your data, leave the website and hope that you will be able to acquire tickets to the Olympics happening in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro! Also note that this Live Olympic Tickets scam is not the only one traveling around the Internet, and you should be very careful, when selecting the sources you could trust with your privacy.

Known unauthorized websites claiming to offer London 2012 tickets - http://www.london2012.com/spectators/tickets/ticket-checker/

Note: If you have visited the aforementioned site, or you think that you might have clicked on any similar ones recently, there is a great chance that now your browsing activity is being monitored by malignant cyber criminals’ cookies, and your PC itself in under the attack of devious infections. This could be highly dangerous to your system and your personal data’s security; therefore, we recommend scanning your operating Windows system with a legitimate, reliable security tool SpyHunter. This application will quickly detect and remove any existing threats, and your privacy will be efficiently protected.

  1. My brother put his details down for their supposedly waiting list not realising and they have just called him up saying the tickets he was after is now available! Of course he knows now so told them to do one and they hung up the phone on him.

  2. Just used tickets purchased from and delivered by this company. Watched gymnastics. Got all tickets i ordered from them

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