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Windows Software Guard

Windows Software Guard is the new addition to the fake programs list. Windows Software Guard is dangerous and no matter how hard it tries to convince you otherwise, you mustn't fall for it. The reality of the situation is that Windows Software Guard has been created by malicious software makers which are geared towards tricking people and then obtaining their hard earned money. Windows Software Guard is usually installed through browser security holes, when opening fake attachments or when clicking on a pop-up window. Read more »

Disk Recovery

Welcome to the truth about Disk Recovery which is that it is nothing more than a rogue disk-fixing which will gain access to your PC when you least expect it and result in all types of computer chaos. Disk Recovery is usually installed without users permission by employing browser security holes, Trojans, or fake e-mail attachments which hide the Trojan infection. Read more »

Windows Safety Protection

The latest rogue which goes by the name of Windows Safety Protection has been designed by a bunch of cybercriminals who are only out to get your money, and are creating same looking different names applications daily. Choosing names such as Windows Safety Protection and using a beautiful interface may give a look of a serious and reputable application, unfortunately it is not. After doing a research we found out that all associated with Windows Safety Protection is a danger to your information and computer. Read more »

Windows Problems Protector

Although Windows Problems Protector might come across as a genuine security application, you should stay aware of this insidious rogue antispyware. Windows Problems Protector was designed with the exclusive intention of ripping you off. It will go about doing this by taking control of your system and holding it ransom until you pay for worthless software. Although it may come across as a real security tool, do not fall victim to Windows Problems Protector ’s clever lies. Read more »

Windows Problems Remover

If you find your PC infected with Windows Problems Remover, you have serious cause for concern. This rogue antispyware application was designed to stealthily take control of your PC and hold it ransom until you part with your hard earned money. Do not allow Windows Problems Remover to victimize you into paying for worthless software. Read more »

Windows Disk

Under no circumstances should you ever trust Windows Disk. Not only is Windows Disk going to try and steal your money by the use of all kinds of tricks but Windows Disk is nothing more than a malicious rogue defragmenter which actually originates from the same family as other rogue defragmenters. They all will display similar signs and symptoms but are all equally as dangerous and you should attempt to get rid of Windows Disk as soon as you can. Read more »

Smart Internet Protection 2011

Despite the best efforts of the online security industry many PC owners are still falling prey to vicious lies spread by rogue antispyware applications such as Smart Internet Protection 2011. This harmful fake security application in particular will not let up until it successfully extorts its victim into paying for worthless software. Smart Internet Protection 2011 enters the system without the knowledge of the PC owner, and will remain stealth until such time it deems it pertinent to reveal itself to the user. It usually enters a computer by the help of Trojan which itself gets into a computer through browser security exploits or by opening a suspicious file/link. Read more »

Windows Risks Eliminator

No rogue will ever bring anything good to your PC and this concept is very applicable to the latest rogue which goes by the name of Windows Risks Eliminator. What you need to understand is that Windows Risks Eliminator will make use of false positives in order to scare innocent users and then proceed to try and obtain their money by offering them a full version of the product which actually does not exist. It is going to be within your best interest to take computer security seriously and do what you can in order to remove Windows Risks Eliminator from your computer system upon detection. Read more »

Windows Universal Tool

Windows Universal Tool is not just another rogue antispyware application as it is one of the latest rogues out there. Many computer systems could easily become infected with Windows Universal Tool at an alarming rate, because Windows Universal Tool employs Trojans and browser security holes to install itself into a computer. Thre trojans are usuelaly hidden in e-mail attachments, fake video codecs or can be engaged when a click is made on a suspicious pop-up. Read more »

Memory Scan

Despite continuous attempts by computer professionals rogue antispyware applications continue to flood our online world. The latest rogue to join our online world goes by the name of Memory Scan and is extremely dangerous to all computer users. The fact of the matter remains that Memory Scan is up to no good and is simply going out of its way to try and make you fully believe that your computer system is infected with all types of parasites. Memory Scan installs itself without your permission and will constantly attack with various warning messages. It is also capable of changing search engine results and blocking other security programs. Read more »