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Windows Protection Alarm

Windows Protection Alarm is a fake security program which has been plaguing users worldwide for some time now. It is a rogue which poses as a reliable security application in hopes of stealing your money and leaving your computer absolutely inoperable. You need to remove Windows Protection Alarm once it is obvious that you have been infected. Read more »

Security Essentials Ultimate Pack

Security Essentials Ultimate Pack must be removed from your computer before it manages to cause any extensive damage. This software application is a rogue antispyware and it can mean only trouble. Security Essentials Ultimate Pack comes from a known family of rogues, which are good at deceiving unsuspecting users and luring their money out of them. Even though sometimes the methods employed are blatantly obvious, the user still falls for the cheap tricks of Security Essentials Ultimate Pack. Read more »

Windows Efficiency Analyzer

With all the sophistication vested in rogue security tools like Windows Efficiency Analyzer nowadays, it has become increasingly more difficult to distinguish between genuine and fake security applications. However, do not be fooled by Windows Efficiency Analyzer’s seemingly authentic looking GUIs. This rogue application was not designed to offer any benefits to an infected PC, but instead to rip honest consumers off. Read more »

Windows Rescue Center

Perhaps Windows Rescue Center looks like a legitimate antivirus program, but in fact it is nothing else but a rogue antispyware which will steal your money before you even have time to figure out all the details. The key point in this situation is to close Windows Rescue Center once this program starts sending you various fake security alert messages. Read more »

Windows Salvage System

Due to all the sophistication invested in the fake security products, it has become incredibly difficult to distinguish between genuine security tools and rogue applications such as Windows Salvage System. This rogue antispyware application was designed to act as a vehicle for illicit cyber criminals to rip honest consumers off. Despite what it would like its prospective victims to believe, Windows Salvage System has no ability to detect or remove any type of threat from the system. Read more »

Security Protection

Do not fall for the seditious lies of Security Protection. This rogue antispyware application may seem legitimate to most inexperienced PC users, but the truth is it is nothing more than an empty shell used to con consumers out of their money. Security Protection will try its hardest to appear authentic, but in reality this rogue antispyware application has no ability to detect or remove any type of threat from the system, and is actually a malicious threat in itself. Read more »

Personal Shield Pro

If you think that Personal Shield Pro is an answer to all of your problems, you are definitely wrong. Personal Shield Pro IS a problem and it can turn your days into hell if you do nothing about it. This software application comes from a notorious nest of rogue antispyware and it is well-equipped to damage your computer and then steal your hard-earned money. Read more »

Windows Crashes Deliverer

Windows Crashes Deliverer is a new computer threat which comes from a notorious family of rogues, and it is ready to leave your computer and your bank account in ruins if you allow this piece of software to take over. As a rogue antispyware application Windows Crashes Deliverer pretends to be a reliable computer security program, which can solve all of your problems. Needless to say, that none of the Read more »

Windows Anticrashes Utility

Beware of Windows Anticrashes Utility, because it is the newest player in the ever-expanding field of rogue antispyware applications. Just like its predecessors, this rogue is very good at maintaining attractive image and fooling unsuspecting users into believing that it can solve all of their problems. Too bad it could never do that, because Windows Anticrashes Utility is nothing else, but a malicious computer threat. Read more »

Windows Averting System

Do not be fooled – Windows Averting System is not a genuine security tool and will simply cause more harm to your PC than it will do good. This rogue antispyware tool was not designed to be of value to any PC, but instead acts as a vehicle for ruthless cyber criminals out to rip you off. Although it may seem legitimate, Windows Averting System has no ability to detect, quarantine or remove any type of threat from the system. Read more »