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Spyware Protection 2010

One of the worst computer parasites known to mankind is a Spyware Protection 2010 rogue. This parasite is not only harmful to your computer system but is also harmful to your bank balance. One of the many rogues to join the many parasites on the internet to date is SpywareProtection2010. Spyware Protection 2010 is extremely harmful in many regards and needs to be erased from your computer system immediately upon detection. Spyware Protection 2010 may enter your computer via malicious Trojans, a malicious web page or even via bogus downloads. Read more »

System Tool

If you have come across the well known rogue referred to as System Tool, chances are your PC has already been compromised by this vicious rogue and want to remove it. System Tool is a rogue antispyware application posing as a legitimate security tool, with the one aim of fleecing consumers out of their money. System Tool will try to convince naive PC owners of its legitimacy by making use of quite authentic looking user interfaces and technically written but ultimately bogus security notifications. Read more »

Antivirus Action

More and more victims of the Antivirus Action scam are surfacing. Antivirus Action is rogue antispyware posing as genuine security software. It holds PCs hostage from their rightful owners until consumers pay for their worthless software. Antivirus Action will go as far as to deny PC owners access to the internet, disable legitimate security software on the system and withhold access to important parts of the system such as the control panel and registry. It will also promote system instability, and relentlessly assail the user with popup messages informing of serious threats which are supposedly present on the PC. The only threat is Antivirus Action, but if they have their way it won’t stay that way for long. Read more »

Antivirus 8

There is one very dangerous rogue which has just recently become a huge threat to computer user everywhere. This rogue goes by the name of Antivirus 8 and is guaranteed to cause you many computer problems. One of the many problems which you will experience if your computer system becomes infected with Antivirus 8 is annoying false computer security warnings which will alert you to threats which you have on your computer system which don't even exist. The only real threat which has on your computer system is the malicious Antivirus 8 itself which needs to be removed upon immediate detection. Read more »

Malware Destructor 2011

Malware Destructor 2011, also called MalwareDestructor2011, is classified as a counterfeit security application, representing a legitimate security suite, but is completely fake. This malicious software, Malware Destructor 2011, tends to be advertised via online advertisements. The installation process begins at quite respectable websites, where the creators of these dubious applications, hackers, proceed to publish their forbidden content (forbidden or not approved by the publishers of these legitimate websites). For instance, they may post an advertisement inviting the user to read particular breaking news. Read more »

AVDefender 2011

AVDefender 2011 is the latest Internet security threat to make a nuisance of it among Internet users. Many users will be able to recognize AVDefender2011 from its user friendly interface and legitimate looking appearance. That is where AVDefender 2011’s appeal ends. Read more »

The Shield Deluxe 2010

The Shield Deluxe 2010 is the latest Internet security threat to make a nuisance of it among Internet users. Many users will be able to recognize TheShieldDeluxe2010 from its user friendly interface and legitimate looking appearance. That is where The Shield Deluxe 2010’s appeal ends. Read more »

Major Defense Kit

It has been widely reported that malicious code imbedded in the Major Defense Kit software poses significant security threats to users. Yet there are still people who naively believe the hype surrounding this cleverly marketed rogue antispyware software. Getting to grips with the threats posed by Major Defense Kit and its impact on users’ systems is essential if people are to delete and uninstall this fake antispyware application. Read more »

Pest Detector 4.1

If you have had the misfortune of crossing paths with the rogue antispyware Pest Detector 4.1, chances are you have experienced many of its adverse effects reported by users infected with Pest Detector 4.1. Symptoms reported by users include annoying popup ads and browser hijacking. Read more »

Advanced Security Tool 2010

Advanced Security Tool 2010 is a malicious and deceptive rogue application which has been designed in order to steal your money. Stealing your money is just one of the negative things that Advanced Security Tool 2010 has been designed for. In addition to your money being stolen, AdvancedSecurityTool 2010 will create many computer problems for you, as well as invade your privacy. Advanced Security Tool 2010 may gain access to your system when you least expect it.Once it has installed itself onto your machine, it may start up each time that you Windows operating system starts up. Read more »