Monthly Archives: November 2011

Cloud AV 2012

Cloud AV 2012 is a dangerous computer threat that pretends to be a good program only in order to swindle you out of your money. If you think that Cloud AV 2012 is a program you can trust, do not be fooled by its sophisticated interface. In reality, it is nothing but a rogue antispyware that will turn your days into hells were you to allow this threat to thrive in your system. The reason why it is easy to take Cloud AV 2012 for the real thing is that it copies the design of a legitimate antivirus program, in order to fool unsuspecting users all over the world. Read more »

AV protection 2012

Watch out if AV protection 2012 says that it can fix your computer’s system problems. That is definitely not true, because this application is a rogue antispyware which has been spawned in order to steal your money and ruin your computer to the point of no return. You simply must remove AV protection 2012 from your system before it is too late. It might seem weird when you are told that a program can steal your money, but that is surely possible, and here it is how they do it. Read more »

AV Protection 2011

Delete AV Protection 2011 from your computer the moment you notice this infection, because this rogue is nothing but bad news. It destroys your system at the same time targeting your money, so it is easy to see why AV Protection 2011 has not place to stay in your computer. You need to get rid of it computer threat if you value your machine and your money. Read more »

System Fix

System Fix is a malicious program that looks and behaves like a real antivirus application, but that is very far from truth. System Fix belongs to a big family of rogues, and so it means that its creators are experienced in torturing innocent computer users without any pang of guilt. That is why; you should terminate System Fix and delete it from your computer the moment you notice this rogue sending you fake security messages. Read more »

AV Security 2012

AV Security 2012 is a malicious software application that will cause your computer system to crash if you allow this infection to nest in your computer for a long period of time. It masquerades as a legitimate computer antivirus program and even copies the logo and color scheme of popular antivirus software to make it look more presentable to millions of unsuspecting users worldwide. Read more »

Privacy Protection

It would seem as though developers or rogue antispyware applications have been hard at work with the release of their latest rogue, Privacy Protection. This rogue application does a good job of convincing inexperienced users that it is genuine application, thanks to its skillfully designed GUIs and its similarities to genuine security tools. Read more »

System Security 2012

System Security 2012 is a computer threat that looks and behaves very much like a real antivirus program. It copies the appearance of a popular computer safeguard application without any pangs of consciousness, and this way it manages to trick a lot of users worldwide. Do not become another victim of this despicable malicious application. Stop System Security 2012 before it can cause you any great harm. Read more »