AV Protection 2011

What is AV Protection 2011?

Delete AV Protection 2011 from your computer the moment you notice this infection, because this rogue is nothing but bad news. It destroys your system at the same time targeting your money, so it is easy to see why AV Protection 2011 has not place to stay in your computer. You need to get rid of it computer threat if you value your machine and your money.

AV Protection 2011 is a rogue antispyware application that comes forth looking and behaving very much like a popular antivirus program. That is one of its main tools in deceiving the users. A lot of computer users are not experienced enough to tell the difference between the real antivirus and the rogue immediately, so until they get the hang of the situation, AV Protection 2011 manages to cause a lot of damage.

When AV Protection 2011 is installed and doing its dirty deeds, it performs a fake system scan that gives you a list of viruses, Trojans and other types of malware that supposedly resides in your computer. In reality none of these parasites are there. The list is forged and pushed forward by AV Protection 2011 to make you pay for the activation of the program. Do not do that. Remove AV Protection 2011 right now, and make sure that this rogue never appears at your doorstep again.

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