AV protection 2012

What is AV protection 2012?

Watch out if AV protection 2012 says that it can fix your computer’s system problems. That is definitely not true, because this application is a rogue antispyware which has been spawned in order to steal your money and ruin your computer to the point of no return. You simply must remove AV protection 2012 from your system before it is too late. It might seem weird when you are told that a program can steal your money, but that is surely possible, and here it is how they do it.

We say “they”, because there are quite a few people behind AV protection 2012, who create this malicious application and then sends it away on the internet hoping that unsuspecting users fall for this obvious fraud. When AV protection 2012 gets installed into the computer, it performs a fake system scan and then bombards you with fake security messages which are nothing but a blatant lie. AV protection 2012 also wants to you purchase the full version of the program and this is exactly how the criminals behind it can steal your money.

When you enter your credit card information into the purchase form, the criminals can use the data in order to perform various illegal operations with your bank account and eventually you are left with an empty bank account and with a broken computer at hand. That is why you must terminate AV protection 2012 right now, and consider acquiring a powerful security tool, that will protect you from similar attacks in the future.

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