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If apcrtldr.dll is running on your operating Windows system you should run your computer with utmost care. researchers have discovered that this dynamic link library file is linked to a number of undesirable computer plugins and infections which require immediate removal. Even if you know nothing about the file or its existence you will most definitely notice the applications which are linked to it. Have you noticed unauthorized web-page redirecting? Did your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers got flooded with suspicious advertisements? Were the settings of your browsers modified? These are the symptoms related to the suspicious DLL file. We recommend reading further to learn how to remove apcrtldr.dll and how this file works. Read more »

SweetTunes Toolbar

If you are careless with the installation of SweetTunes Toolbar you may discover a bunch of highly undesirable programs dropped onto your personal Windows system. Whether the toolbar has entered your PC with the help of bundled software or you have installed it from, there is a great chance that the suspicious TuneUp Utilities 2014 and PasswordBox have been installed as well. As our researchers at have discovered, the Community Toolbar installation setup represents these programs as automatic additions to the toolbar. Even though they are set to install automatically, you have an option to reject them. Please continue reading to learn how to remove SweetTunes Toolbar and delete the programs which have come bundled with it. Read more »


WebCakeDesktop.exe is an executable file which you can discover on your computer if you are running Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. The file belongs to WebCake, an infamous browser plugin which is meant to enhance your browsing experience. If you connect to the official page of the program you are introduced to the plugin as an application which will help you compare shopping results, search related topics, access web site ratings and view useful advertisements. Needless to say, the promotion is not something that you should pay all of your attention to. It is much more important to check the Privacy Policy and the License Agreement. You can find these at and we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with these documents. Right now please continue reading to learn how to remove WebCakeDesktop.exe. Read more »



Xtendmedia is an adware platform that displays a list of commercial advertisements when you browse the internet. It is not an extremely dangerous system threat, but it may cause you various security problems, especially considering the fact that it may collect your web browsing information. Quite a few browser hijackers are related to this adware application, so if you experience constant onslaught of commercial pop-up ads that are full of unfamiliar content, you are strongly advised to run a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner, and then remove Xtendmedia with a powerful antimalware tool. Killing this infection would save you the trouble of being infected with something more serious. Read more »

Warning! The site you are attempting to view may harm your computer

Warning! The site you are attempting to view may harm your computer

Warning! The site you are attempting to view may harm your computer is an extract from a fake alert that stops you from accessing a particular website. It is part of Antivirus Security Pro and Security Cleaner Pro setup. These are rogue antispyware applications that employ various dirty tricks in order to push you into spending your money on a product that cannot deliver. Obviously, this notification can be very annoying. To remove Warning! The site you are attempting to view may harm your computer from your browser, you need to remove the fake antivirus application responsible for it in the first place. Read more »

MakeMeBabies Toolbar

MakeMeBabies Toolbar

MakeMeBabies Toolbar is a browser add-on which promotes the services of, a website where the user can upload his picture to predict how his or her baby will look like. The toolbar is based on Conduit Search, which means that if you install the application carelessly, the settings of the browsers may be changed. More specifically, the home page and search engine are changed to If you have installed the toolbar by mistake and do not know how to uninstall it, follow the instructions given below, but note that a reliable spyware removal tool should be used as well in order to make sure that MakeMeBabies Toolbar is fully removed from the system. Read more »


If you are wondering whether the file ew_hwusbdev.sys is reliable or not, you should not worry about it because it is a legitimate file, which belongs to Huawei MobileBroadband USB PNP Device. It is 102.78K in size and located in the sub-folders of the %WINDIR% directory. There is no need to remove it from the system because it a safe file; however, you should keep in mind that malicious applications may distribute files which bear the names of legitimate system file. In such a case, do not try to remove the file by yourself – rely on a professional spyware removal. Read more »

Carabinieri Virus

If you have discovered that your computer has been locked by Carabinieri Virus, it is important that you remove the clandestine Urausy Trojan which has corrupted your operating Windows system. The malign infection itself does not have an interface; however, it presents a screen-locking notification. This is where the name of the ransomware derives from. This warning notification is completely bogus and you should pay absolutely no attention to it. Even though the credentials of Polizia del Comunicazioni, Cyber Crime Unit, Internet Police, CNAIPIC and Copyright Alliance are intimidating, we can guarantee that they have been attached illegally. None of these agencies/organizations have anything to do with the lock-down of your personal computer! It is all schemers and so Carabinieri Virus removal should be performed as soon as possible. Read more »

Lyrics Monkey

Lyrics Monkey is a browser extension that may not be as useful as it seems. More often than not this browser add-on is categorized as an adware program, because it displays various commercial advertisements once it gets installed on your computer. On the surface it may seem that this application is developed to make your YouTube video watching sessions more interactive – Lyrics Monkey is said to display lyrics directly on the videos you watch. Nevertheless, possible security loops related to this browser add-on cannot be ignored, as it might be related to a list of potentially unwanted programs. Therefore, it is for the best to remove Lyrics Monkey from your computer right now. Read more »

Reminder Your computer is not

If your browsers are flooded with ‘Reminder Your computer is not’ pop-up notifications, we recommend that you refrain from clicking on them. Even though the advertisement could present a reliable Windows backup, it is also possible that it will route you to corrupted websites and will push you into installing highly questionable software. As you may know already, schemers often utilize pop-up notifications, advertisements and other offers to expose security backdoors and drop malware without any of your n. Needless to say, if your Firefox, IE, Chrome and other popular browsers are already being flooded with pop-ups, there is a possibility that clandestine adware has been infiltrated. You must beware of all advertisement-supported programs, and it is essential that you remove ‘Reminder Your computer is not’ related malware. Read more »