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Lamilov is a browser plugin available from Currently the presented download link is broken and so it is impossible to acquire the extension. Nonetheless, you may have downloaded the program in the past or it may have been dropped onto the computer without your knowledge. researchers warn that adware usually comes packaged with other unreliable programs. Have you noticed them running on the PC already? Then remove them as soon as possible. Note that it is also important to delete Lamilov adware because it can impose certain virtual security risks. Do you want to become a target of virtual schemers? If you do not you should delete the clandestine infection immediately. Read more »

Price Finder

Price Finder

Price Finder is a browser plugin which has been created to assemble the best shopping deals when you visit such sites as or According to research team, the product is usually acquired from; however, it may be offered to you when downloading bundled software as well. Have you discovered that the application has been installed onto the computer without your consent? Then it may be corrupted by malicious third parties and so you need to delete it from the browsers as soon as possible. Overall, the extension is available for the most popular browsers, including Chrome, IE or Firefox, and if you are running these browsers you may have installed the application already. Do you enjoy the services or do you want to delete Price Finder from the computer? Continue reading the presented report to learn how to perform this operation. Read more »


Illoxum is a browser add-on which is aimed at improving your browsing experience. The application monitors what items you are interested in on shopping websites and displays various deals and coupons, so that you can save your time and money. The application works only almost every websites, and can also provide you with different forms of advertisements, which is the major reason why you should remove Illoxym from the browsers. Read more »



If you have installed Qualitink onto your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers, it is likely that various advertisements and coupons keep flooding the desktop. According to the promotion on, the extension is supposed to save you time and money when shopping online, and you are promised to find best deals, price comparison, related search results, etc. Even though it is indicated that the plugin is the best application you could install onto your browsers, malware researchers recommend researching it beyond the official page. Some Windows security experts even categorize the suspicious plugin as a computer infection; however, there are a few methods which you can use to delete Qualitink from the operating Windows system and the affected browsers. Read more » is a search engine whose primarily traffic is known to be from Turkey. The interface of the search engine is presented in Turkish, which means that it is targeted as a particular audience. may be regarded as a browser hijacker because it may be set as the home page or search provider of your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. The search engine makes money by advertising various products and services, which may be very annoying. In order to remove, you should either try to reset the settings of the browsers, which also requires scanning or get rid of it by implementing a spyware removal tool. Read more »


BackgroundHost.exe is a file that belongs to an add-ons framework which is usually installed alongside browser add-ons, including Cool Smiley Bar for Facebook. Add-on frameworks allow the user to create various browser add-ons for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other browsers. BackgroundHost.exe is usually located in Disk C, and in one of the sub-folders in the Program Files directory. The size of the file is known to be 584.8 KB. If you have found some system errors related to BackgroundHost.exe, it is advisable to scan the computer to make sure that the computer is not infected. Read more » is a search engine which can hijack the home page and the default search engine of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. It can be promoted by freeware, so if you want to prevent unwanted changes when installing a program, always read the terms of use attentively. Sometime it is enough to check or uncheck particular boxes in order not to have the browser settings changed. It is very likely that will get on your PC through adware or various browser add-ons, and if your settings are already altered, you should remove the unwanted search engine. Read more »

Travian Browser Game pop-up

Travian Browser Game pop-up

Have you faced the Travian Browser Game pop-up reappearing in a new window? If this is what has happened there is a possibility that adware has been installed onto your personal computer. Do you know what adware is? It is an advertisement-supported program which is meant to collect information about your virtual activity and then use it to flood you with supposedly interesting advertisements. Even though sometimes adware is used to promote authentic products and services, Windows security experts warn that schemers often utilize this security vulnerability to distribute malware. Travian Browser Game pop-up removal is not a simple task because adware is often supported through hidden files which may be extremely difficult to locate and delete, especially if you are inexperienced. Read more »

Cyber Command of South Texas virus

Cyber Command of South Texas virus is a computer infection which is categorized as ransomware because of the scare tactics that are used to deceive a computer user.  Cyber Command of South Texas virus is a misleading warning which you will find on the screen when the computer becomes infected with Urausy, a screen locker which is widely known around the world. The aim of the infection is to deceive you into thinking that law enforcement agencies of the United States have found some prohibited material on the PC and restricted your access to the system. The truth is that Cyber Command of South Texas virus is a scam just like Cyber Command of New York Virus or Cyber Command of Nevada virus, both of which are generated by the same Trojan Urausy. Cyber Command of South Texas virus should be removed from the computer as soon as possible because the threat might communicate with remote servers and download new malicious files. Read more »

Guardia Civil virus

Guardia Civil virus is a misleading warning that you will find on your screen when you computer gets infected with a screen locker, the so-called ransomware. The Trojan creates new registries, spreads its malicious files, and disables executable files so that you cannot use the machine as usual. The removal of Guardia Civil virus is a must because there is no other safe way to remove this threat from the PC. Guardia Civil virus is targeted as Spanish computer users, so if you live in Spain and keep your computer unprotected, implement a spyware prevention tool before it is not too late. Read more »