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generic29.ajge is a Trojan infection that enter your system behind your back and then lays low in order to avoid being detected or removed. Due to the fact, that generic29.ajge does not manifest itself, you may remain oblivious to the infection for a long period of time. Naturally, such infection tactics is especially detrimental to your system, because the Trojan may perform a variety of malicious actions against without you even realizing it. That is why you need to perform regular computer system scans with such antimalware scanners as SpyHunter so that you would be able to remove generic29.ajge and similar infection the moment they are detected. Read more »

“[filename].exe contained a virus and was deleted” Fake Message

If you have noticed the “[filename].exe contained a virus and was deleted” fake message on the desktop of your operating Windows system, there is a great chance that you are dealing with the malicious Sirefef malware. The clandestine infection is also known as the ZeroAccess rootkit and you should delete it from the computer without further delay. The main reason behind this bogus pop-up notification is to trick you into thinking that files that you are trying to install actually act as spyware installation setups. Of course, this is a deceitful lie because the alert itself belongs to a malicious program. experts recommend that you remove “[filename].exe contained a virus and was deleted” fake message, and to do this you need to delete the devious threat which is behind it. Read more »


Minerd.exe is a file which can be detected by your anti-virus program as a Trojan infection. The file does not have its interface, but you may be alerted about its presence through the Task Manager. If you find that the system is sluggish and that minerd.exe is using huge amounts of memory, note that your computer is infected. When you terminate the process, install a spyware removal tool to kill the infection as after the system restart the threat may be renewed. Read more » is a website that may cause you a number of problems if you continue visiting it. If visit the website you will see that it promotes free dynamic DNS that “gives you the ability to redirect your domain name to anywhere at any time”. It may seem that the website is a useful tool for those who want to make use of the Internet potentially, when you are strongly advised to remove and everything related to the website from your computer immediately. Sooner or later this website may become responsible for malware applications entering your PC, so you should not wait until that happens. Read more »


The clandestine Win32System.vbe is a malicious VBScript Encoded Script file which has been created by cyber crooks to perform tremendously malignant processes. The suspicious component is linked to a number of different computer infections; however, the most notable of them are Worm:VBS/Telmax.A and Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Blocker. In case any of these malicious programs have corrupted the PC, you are in a lot of trouble. Our spyware experts at have researched the file and the dangerous programs related to it. According to them, it is essential to delete Win32System.vbe from the PC as soon as possible and the information below is meant to help you with the removal procedures. Read more »


When a computer application is installed, different files associated with it can be located in particular locations. Sprotector.dll is a file which is associated with browsers add-on which generates coupons and offers. More precisely, it can be installed by ContinueToSave Toolbar, also known as Continue2save, and Browse to save browser add-on.  There are different variants of sprotector.dll, which can also be installed alongside other programs. If your anti-virus program has detected the file but failed to delete it, you should rely on a professional spyware removal tool that is powerful enough to remove Sprotector.dll from the PC. Read more »

Savings-magnet Deal Finder

Savings-magnet Deal Finder

Savings-Magnet Deal Finder is a browser extension often classified as adware. This plug-in displays coupon and discount offers for a number of online shopping malls. At first sight, this application to be able to improve your overall online shopping experience, but the problem behind it is that Savings-Magnet Deal Finder can be easily exploited by a malicious party, because the application itself is not responsible (i.e. it does not review) the third party commercial ads and links that are embedded in its messages. These coupon boxes appear on the main online shopping websites, so if you are an avid online shopper you may get exposed to Savings-Magnet Deal Finder sooner or later. However, due to a number of security risks users are often highly recommended to remove Savings-Magnet Deal Finder from their computers ASAP. Read more »


Trojan.Downloader.Win32.Agent.BQ is a malicious computer infection which comes from a large family of Trojans, including Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Agent.ecxd and Trojan-downloader.win32.agent.cvbx. Malicious threats from this faction have been designed to infect operating Windows systems and expose security backdoors for all types of malicious software. According to researchers, the clandestine threat could be utilized to infect your personal computer with virtually any PC threat. Needless to say, this is highly dangerous and you should do whatever it takes to prevent schemers from corrupting your Windows system. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you delete Trojan.Downloader.Win32.Agent.BQ. If you do not know how to detect and remove the clandestine threat – continue reading. Read more »

Browser Protect virus

Browser Protect virus is a computer application that is said to protect your browsers against browser hijackers which alters the settings of home page and search provider. The application has its interface and does not install any browser add-on when downloaded from the official website. The so-called Browser Protect virus is available on its official website and other websites. Moreover, it can be promoted via bundled downloads, which means that while running the installer of a free program, you may be advised to install Browser Protect software. Read more »

Software Version Updater

Software Version Updater is a computer infection that displays constant pop-up message and slows down overall system processing. Due to its nature, this application can cause quite a few problems, ranging from the aforementioned system slow down to information theft. The latter is especially disturbing consequence, considering that most of the time users give away their credit card information to cyber criminals themselves, without even realizing it. You need to remove Software Version Updater from your system right now, if you want to keep your computer and your bank account safe. Read more »