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Internet Security Plus

Internet Security Plus

Internet Security Plus is a fake antivirus program and infects your system behind your back and then pops up into action, pretending to be a reliable antimalware application. The main reason why you are infected with this rogue antispyware or fake AV is money. Recently the main objective of computer infections and the cyber criminals who create them is money, so the rogue is there to make an attempt on your savings. Remove Internet Security Plus before it manages to cause a great damage to your system, because the longer the rogue stays on your system, the bigger the risk of a complete system crash. Read more »


Once your operating Windows system becomes infected with the malicious Trojan.Stookit, you may notice that the PC is running unbearably slowly. Unfortunately, in the beginning, this may be the only symptom signaling about the existence of a seriously dangerous threat. The clandestine Trojan does not have an interface and it may enter your personal computer through a variety of different security cracks. For example, the schemers behind the threat may distribute it using spam email attachments or fake video codecs. As soon as you execute the attachment or the installation file of the malicious program, malignant files are infiltrated onto the computer. Read more »

Adware.Boxore Client

Adware.Boxore Client is an adware application whose purpose is to monitor your browsing sessions and provide you with pop-up advertisements that match your search query. The unwanted application should be removed from the PC as it may be the culprit of the malfunctions of the system if the computer gets infected due to suspicious pop-up ads. Adware.Boxore Client is promoted via various free applications, and one of them is Player Plus. The installer of the program presents 7 options that allow you to choose what additional applications have to be installed. It suggests that you install Boxore client and Babylon Toolbar, which is a very annoying and hart to remove program. Read more »


Adware.Vdownloader is an application that can download online videos onto your computer and then convert them into a format you prefer. It may seem to be a fairly useful application, but unfortunately Adware.Vdownloader is often categorized as adware and potentially unwanted program. Security experts say that the program itself is not exactly dangerous, but should you install this program onto your PC, there could be other implications that would result in various security risks. Thus, you should remove Adware.Vdownloader from your computer as soon as possible, and then prevent similar applications from enter your system. Read more »

Have you been routed to without any prior request? In case this unauthorized web page rerouting continues, you should have no doubts that your operating Windows system has been infected with a malicious browser hijacker. Even though this particular website is administered by BonJoy Software and its services seem completely reliable, you must realize that schemers may use it to hide a malicious browser hijacker. How can you recognize this threat within the computer? Read more »


Win32.Downloader.Gen is a heuristic detection that can be found by various computer infections. If your anti-virus program has informed you about Win32.Downloader.Gen but cannot remove it from the PC, install a spyware removal tool which is powerful enough to remove the threat. It is also important to make sure that all your programs are updated and the Windows Firewall is turned on; otherwise, the system can remain susceptible to various computer threats circulating on the Internet. Read more »


If you do not want to have the Internet browsers flooded with adware or your browsing sessions interrupted, you have to remove Netmahal without further delay. The clandestine browser hijacker is usually installed alongside bundled downloads, which is why you need to be extra careful with the sources you install software from. It is also recommended that you pay close attention to all of the installation setups because this is where you are introduced to the privacy policies related to the tool and additional software. If you do not want to install any suspicious, Read more »


IsoBuster is a browser extension by Conduit Ltd. that makes use of legitimate software title. The original IsoBuster is recovery software that helps users to recover CD, DVD, Blue Ray disks, as well as data from hard drives and other data storages. IsoBuster toolbar makes use of the original IsoBuster’s logo and makes it seem as though the program is related to the browser extension as well. But that is very unlikely, and you should remove IsoBuster extension from your computer if you did not have any intension to install it. Read more »


Sureonlinefind is regarded as a browser hijacker as it is used to redirect search queries to unknown or unwanted landing websites.  It can affect the most popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Once you find that you are redirected to suspicious websites through, take immediate actions to scan the PC. Your computer is infected and you should make sure that the threat that alters the settings of your browsers is removed. Read more »


noticiasalpunto is a computer infection classified as browser hijacker. It is responsible for the erratic behavior of your browser, constant redirections and inability to change your home page. When you are infected with noticiasalpunto, you are often redirected to a number of associated websites in order to increase their traffic. Although this browser hijacker is more annoying than dangerous, you need to remove noticiasalpunto to prevent other dangerous infections from entering your PC. That is so, because browser hijackers and similar applications often unwittingly become malware distributors. What is more, you could have dangerous files residing in your system already, without you even knowing it! Read more »