What is Win32.Downloader.Gen?

Win32.Downloader.Gen is a heuristic detection that can be found by various computer infections. If your anti-virus program has informed you about Win32.Downloader.Gen but cannot remove it from the PC, install a spyware removal tool which is powerful enough to remove the threat. It is also important to make sure that all your programs are updated and the Windows Firewall is turned on; otherwise, the system can remain susceptible to various computer threats circulating on the Internet.

What does Win32.Downloader.Gen do?

Win32.Downloader.Gen can severely affect the performance of the PC and try to lure you into exposing your personal details. The Trojan horse gets to the computer without the user’s approval and attempts to take control over the computer. It may receive command from remote attackers, connect to insecure websites, and download new malware.

Depending on the malware that is installed by Win32.Downloader.Gen, different illegal action can be performed. You may be monitored while browsing the Internet; the infection may record your key strokes, which may result in the loss of online banking passwords and other personal details; even your desktop content and information inputs may be monitored.

As regards the performance of the PC, different symptoms may be noticed on different machines as all depends on the malware downloaded by Win32.Downloader.Gen. For example, you may notice a slow PC or Internet speed; you may find that some programs are running sluggishly, or that your operating system does not start as fast as before. These and other unwanted symptoms should disappear once you remove Win32.Downloader.Gen from the PC.

How to remove Win32.Downloader.Gen?

A large number of executable files and processes can be created on the infected computer; hence, it is not advisable to try removing this threat manually. Very often Trojan horses conceal their presence by using system file names, so you may accidentally remove a wrong file, especially if you are novice in malware removal. Do not worry as you can easily remove Win32.Downloader.Gen from the computer with the help of our recommended spyware removal tool. It is powerful, reliable, and safe, so if you do not want to be attacked by dangerous computer threats, do not hesitate and take immediate actions to remove Win32.Downloader.Gen.

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