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MindDabble is a free browser plugin which is available for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer plugins. The application has been developed by Mindspark Interactive Network, and the company stands behind such programs as Daily Bible Guide, Cursor Mania Toolbar and QuotationCafe. The toolbar provides easy access links to online games, weather reports, as well as allows you to search the web using the displayed search bar. Regardless, many Window users want to remove the plugin because of the modified browser settings. In many instances, computer users who install the toolbar discover that their home pages have been switched to Read more »



Oople is a browser plugin that installs additional toolbar on your browser. There may be some confusion regarding the name, because if you go directly to, you will see that it is a forum for radio controlled cars. It could be that the creators of Oople toolbar make use of the name to attract people interested in radio controlled merchandise. Such a name mix-up is immediately suspicious, and you should do all you can to say away from this browser extension. In case you have installed it already, scroll down to the manual removal instructions below, to remove Oople once and for all. Read more »


OtShot is a freeware application that allows you to edit your photos by adding effects, texts, designs and so on. The application also allows you to share the edited photos with your friends, but the problem is that OtShot application comes with a number of additional programs you may not exactly need. It is important to emphasize that OfShot is NOT a computer virus. It does not try to steal your information or paralyze your system. The reason why it is recommended to remove OtShot is that the programs that come with this application may cause various security risks you ought to avoid. Read more » is a website that gets set as your default home page once you get infected with a browser hijacker. Not only does your home page get changed, the hijacker affects your default search engine as well. According to security experts, there is no exact infection file and the danger lies in the website itself. However, in order for your home page to be modified you do NEED to get infected with potentially unwanted programs, and there is always a way for it. Disregarding the infection method the fact remains that you must remove from your PC if you want to protect your system and your data from serious threats. Read more »

A suspicious browser hijacker may take over your personal computer and such browsers as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Schemers may infiltrate it through freeware, spam email attachments, links to corrupted websites, deceitful advertising, etc. What is the reason behind such clandestine activity? Cyber crooks want to drop the hijacker without your knowledge, so that you would be forced to use the home page and search engine. Have you noticed redirecting to this search engine? This is another symptom related to a mischievous browser hijacker which you need to remove from the operating Windows system. If you do not know how to delete hijacker from the PC, researchers suggest you continue reading. Read more »



Sweetdreams-49 or SWEET DREAMS 49 Community Toolbar is a browser plugin developed by the infamous Conduit team. The company is known for such controversial applications as Freecorder Toolbar, Z-game Toolbar and WiseConvert Toolbar, all of which are often mistreated as browser hijackers. Yes, once you install these browser plugins, they tend to change the home page and the search engine of the browsers you are using; however, this activity is not illegal. In most cases, you are asked if you agree to the set modifications, and if you are not – you always have an option to refuse the offers. Therefore, if you think that the toolbar has hijacked your Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browser, you firstly need to rethink the installation of the program. Overall, we provide Sweetdreams-49 removal instructions, and if you want to learn more – continue reading. Read more »


backdoor.matsnu.b is a backdoor Trojan that was first discovered in April 2013. It is also known as Trojan.Ransomlock.P and it allows one to conclude that backdoor.matsnu.b is one of the components that are responsible for infecting your computer with ransomware programs. This backdoor can affect systems that run on almost all versions of Windows operating system, except for Windows 8. Although the backdoor is not directly related to ransomware infection, it may open a backdoor on the target computer that allows other malicious programs to enter it. Hence, backdoor.matsnu.b could be used by a number of computer threats to enter the PC. Read more »



Searchdwebs is a potentially unwanted program which may also be recognized as a browser hijacker. The application may come bundled with free browser plugins, and once activated it may change the home page of existing browsers to Even though this search engine is not considered malicious, you definitely need to act cautious if you choose to use it for web surfing. As researchers have discovered, all searches performed through this particular search engine are provided by yet another engine – Read more »

White Trader Virus

White Trader Virus is an irritating adware program which may flood you with various pop-up adverts whenever you surf Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or other popular browsers. As the researchers at have discovered, the questionable program may be linked to a number of suspicious and dangerous processes. Therefore, you should delete White Trader Virus from the computer if it is running on your operating Windows system. How can you tell if the threat is active within the computer? Any computer infection is bound to cause some computer/browser dysfunctions and symptoms; however, if you want to be 100% sure – install an authentic and reliable spyware scanner to inspect the computer. SpyHunter offers a free-of-charge tool which you can install by clicking on the download button below. Read more »

Say Hello To Little Virus Brings a Lot of Problems Virus

If you have been introduced to the Say Hello To Little Virus Brings a Lot of Problems Virus alert, there is no doubt that your operating Windows system is infected with the malicious Trojan:Win32/Harasom.A. Unfortunately, the clandestine threat could have entered your personal system weeks ago without any of your consent through freeware, spam email attachments and other similar security backdoors. It is likely that during this time cyber criminals behind the Trojan will infiltrate as many malicious programs as possible. Read more »