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Internet Security 2014

If your operating Windows system is not protected by authentic security software, soon enough Internet Security 2014 could start terrorizing you into purchasing a fictitious malware removal and computer security application. Even though the program flaunts the well-known Windows logo, you should not believe that it has been developed by Microsoft. In reality, it is schemers who stand behind the malign program. All of the fake AV’s attributes are fictitious and cannot provide you with any beneficial services, which is why paying money for the program’s licensed version is not something you should do. researchers recommend that you delete Internet Security 2014 from the operating system, and the following information has been concentrated to help you. Read more »


If you do not want to face an avalanche of irritating pop-up advertisements, you certainly need to keep the system guarded against Adware.PriceGong. The suspicious application is also known as Pricegong Virus simply because it pretends to offer you great services, when in reality it simply exposes you to supported advertisements. Even though this may be harmless, you should never trust a program which uses a pay-per-click system to produce supposedly beneficial saving deals and offers. The program is officially represented at and it has been created by PriceGong Software Ltd. Does the program seem beneficial to you? Then continue reading to learn more and find out how to remove Adware.PriceGong manually. Read more »


Virus.CeeInject is a Trojan infection whose function is to protect other malware applications so that they are not detected and removed. However, if Virus.CeeInject is detected, it is very possible that some other harmful application is present within the system. Once you learn about the presence of Virus.CeeInject, you should immediately remove the infection as it can severely affect the performance of the computer. Read more »

Kaq.Pagerte ads

Kaq.Pagerte ads is an adware application that is associated with a number of browser extensions such as LyricsPal or FindLyrics. Although these extensions can be useful when you want to find lyrics to your favorite songs, they always come with something additional that is usually annoying and even dangerous. The same can be applied to Kaq.Pagerte ads - this program is not a direct computer threat, but the ads displayed by this program may contain links to corrupted websites that are part of malware distribution. Therefore, to prevent possible malware infection you have to remove Kaq.Pagerte ads and related extensions from your PC. Read more »

VirtualDJ Toolbar

VirtualDJ Toolbar

VirtualDJ Toolbar is a browser add-on which you can install alongside the VirtualDJ software which is available at The toolbar has been found to be compatible with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, but in case you have another toolbar bearing a very similar name, the removal instructions for Google Chrome are presented below. On Internet Explorer, there are two entries of the application. A first one is presented as a toolbar, while a second one is given as a browser helper object (BHO). If you have installed the software from, you must have noticed that the installation wizard promotes Virtual DJ Toolbar. Here are the options that you might have skipped while installing the application: Read more »

B1 Toolbar

B1 Toolbar is a browser add-on which can be installed onto the computer alongside bundled freeware. The toolbar is also referred to as BrotherSoft Toolbar or BrotherSoft Extreme2 B1 Toolbar and it is published by Conduit LLC. The application is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. When running the installer that contains B1 Toolbar, you must have noticed some check boxes enabling you to choose whether you want to have B1 Toolbar installed and the settings of the browsers changes. If you have skipped that part, it is very likely that now your home page and search provider are changed to We encourage you to remove B1 Toolbar as this is the only thing that you should do right now. Read more »

As soon as you notice rerouting to, you need to install a reliable spyware remover to scan your PC and delete the malicious browser hijacker that has taken over your Internet browsers. The infection is presented though a seemingly authentic search engine, and it appears to have been developed by Tuvaro. At first, you may think that you simply have been routed to a slightly changed Google home page. This is because the suspicious site mimics the highly reputable source. Of course, all you need is to type in a keyword once to realize that you have been routed to an unfamiliar website. It is dangerous to face browser hijackers because they have been developed to make money, not to serve you. Continue reading to learn how to remove hijacker. Read more » is a search engine closely related to a malicious browser hijacker which may take over your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and other popular browsers. There is no doubt that you should not utilize the search engine even if it was not used by schemers because it only produces Sponsored Results and Related Searches. The main objective of the clandestine tool is to trick you into clicking on the presented links as this is how profit is accumulated. Read more »

Flimrans Trojan

The clandestine Flimrans Trojan has made its way into the spotlight of schemers because of its ability to lock down computers and lure out money. The malicious Windows infection is a ransomware Trojan and it can employ bogus information and scare tactics to trick you into giving up hundreds of Euros. Unfortunately, the threat does not have an interface and it may use various security vulnerabilities to enter your computer. This means that you may know nothing about the Trojan’s existence, or the necessary removal, until it takes over your computer and initiates an illegal and highly irritating computer lock-down. You should not postpone the removal of the malign infection, and researchers have a few suggestions which may help you delete Flimrans Trojan without any troubles. Read more »


Worm.Antimane.A is a computer infection classified as worm. Worms are dangerous computer threats, because they can replicate and spread on their own. What is more, based on their setup files, they could have other undesirable qualities that could make them hard to detect by security products and so on. Worm.Antimane.A is an infection that has been infecting users since 2010. This worm has rootkit features, which means it can hide in the system background, avoid being detected by your antimalware program. It means that you must update your antimalware program regularly, so that it would be able to remove Worm.Antimane.A for good. Read more »