What is Virus.CeeInject?

Virus.CeeInject is a Trojan infection whose function is to protect other malware applications so that they are not detected and removed. However, if Virus.CeeInject is detected, it is very possible that some other harmful application is present within the system. Once you learn about the presence of Virus.CeeInject, you should immediately remove the infection as it can severely affect the performance of the computer.

What does Virus.CeeInject do?

Virus.CeeInject is one of those infections that have tens of various components, all of which have to be removed. The threats create a lot of .dll files and processes, some of which may seem legitimate as they bear the name of reliable system files. For example, windows.exe is a file associated with Virus.CeeInject and it may be used for disabling Windows Firewall notifications, Safe Mode, and Registry Editor. Moreover, it can monitor what websites are visited. One more component of the threat is the file drivefix.exe. It alters the running processes in order to control the existing program and record mouse clicks or screen contents. In order to communicate with remote computers, the file InternetToday.exe is employed. If the computer is infected with Virus.CeeInject, you should avoid using your sensitive information on the PC so as the infection does not record your bank account passwords, credit card details, and other information which may help attackers commit identity theft.

Once you find that Virus.CeeInject is on the PC, you should remove it from the computer and ensure that the system is protected against similar infections in the future. It is not enough to avoid browsing insecure websites as such threat as Virus.CeeInject can get to the system via spam emails, dubious links and other methods of social engineering.

How to remove Virus.CeeInject?

Virus.CeeInject creates a large number of various file some of which are named randomly. Such files may be difficult to notice, especially when trying to remove all the malicious files associated with some infection. We advise you against manual removal and recommend using SpyHunter which will detect and terminate all the harmful files and processes and also protect the PC against future infections.

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