What is Worm.Antimane.A?

Worm.Antimane.A is a computer infection classified as worm. Worms are dangerous computer threats, because they can replicate and spread on their own. What is more, based on their setup files, they could have other undesirable qualities that could make them hard to detect by security products and so on. Worm.Antimane.A is an infection that has been infecting users since 2010. This worm has rootkit features, which means it can hide in the system background, avoid being detected by your antimalware program. It means that you must update your antimalware program regularly, so that it would be able to remove Worm.Antimane.A for good.

What does Worm.Antimane.A do?

This infection has many ways to arrive at your system, and it can have various payloads as well. For example, Worm.Antimane.A can enter your system via spam email attachments (when you unzip them), or even via socially engineered instant messages. When the worm gets installed, it injects its malicious code into a number of legitimate system processes in order to hide its presence. Worm.Antimane.A has such components as Services.exe, jbdcconf.exe and so on. Some of these components allow the worm to kill important system utilities such as Registry Editor. Others cause erratic computer behavior, and you are constantly flooded by random pop-ups, security warnings and error messages.

How to remove Worm.Antimane.A?

Since Worm.Antimane.A blocks Registry Editor, it obviously tries to stop you from removing it. Registry Editor is necessary for manual malware removal. However, unless you are an experienced computer user, you are not advised to perform a manual Worm.Antimane.A removal. Scan your computer with SpyHunter free scanner and check what other malicious programs you should remove from your PC (because there are bound to be some). Once you know that your computer is definitely infected, acquire a legitimate computer safeguard program that will remove Worm.Antimane.A for you automatically, and it will make sure that no other malicious infections enter your system again. Take your PC security seriously.

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