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Win 8 Protection 2013

Win 8 Protection 2013 is a fake security application which can be installed without your approval while browsing insecure websites, after downloading spam emails or clicking on fraudulent links. Like other fake anti-virus programs, Win 8 Protection 2013 pretends that it can professionally maintain the system of the computer which can be done if you register the program. If you really want to protect the computer, remove this cunning application and install a legitimate security tool. Read more »

Trojan JS/IframeRef.k

Trojan JS/IframeRef.k is a new computer infection which is known as a malicious IFrame which is embedded into another HTML document on some websites. Typically, such components are used to add some additional content such as advertisements into a preferred web page. Usually, it has its own scrollbar. Moreover, if necessary, the content of the embedded IFrame can be changed which is possible because of JavaScript. The major purpose of Trojan JS/IframeRef.k is to redirect computer users to harmful files containing malware. If Trojan JS/IframeRef.k has not caused any malfunctions of the system yet, you may not be aware that it is present within the system, which is why it is important to keep the operating system protected against various types of spyware and malware. Read more »

Moneygram Virus

Moneygram Virus is a malicious infection that blocks desktop access and then demands you to pay a ransom fee. According to Moneygram Virus, you have breached several national laws and thus your access to your desktop has been restricted. The infection claims that in order restore your desktop access, you need to pay 300 USD for the crimes you have committed. Naturally, all these claims are not real, and Moneygram Virus only wants your money. Therefore, instead of paying your money, you should unlock your desktop and remove Moneygram Virus. Read more »

Reloadit Virus

Reloadit Virus is a group of dangerous and highly misleading ransomware which comes from the same faction of malware as the infamous Ukash Virus, Moneypak Virus, Paysafecard Virus, Police Virus or the recently reported Moneygram Virus. The devious infections from this so-called family are clandestine Trojans, better known by such names as Urmetoo, Urausy and Reveton. These devious application may use a number of different security backdoors, including bundled downloads or fake video codecs, to slither into the system without any of your knowledge. Since the malicious Trojans do not have a visible interface, you may know nothing about their existence until your PC becomes locked by a seemingly authentic notification forwarded by the Police. This is a scam, and you need to delete Reloadit Virus as soon as possible. Read more »

Bundeskriminalamt Pressestelle Virus

Bundeskriminalamt Pressestelle Virus

If you currently reside in Germany and your computer has been locked for some alleged cyber crimes, Anti-Spyware-101 researchers recommend that you delete Bundeskriminalamt Pressestelle Virus from your personal computer. The clandestine ransomware is activated by the malicious Revoyem Trojan, and you should remove it in order to regain access to the computer, which will be restricted immediately after the infection slithers in. As research shows, your computer not only gets locked but you also lose the right to launch Task Manager which could be used to terminate malignant processes. Needless to say, this may aggravate Bundeskriminalamt Pressestelle Virus removal, and the infection needs to be deleted right away. Read more »

Safe PC Cleaner

Safe PC Cleaner

Safe PC Cleaner is a Windows operating system optimization program available at Also, this program can be downloaded at a number of other third party websites such as The official website for Safe PC Cleaner claims that this program can improve your system performance and consequently make your PC operate faster. Also, it should clean junk and other undesirable files from your computer, but security experts have determined that sometimes Safe PC Cleaner deletes even those files that may be necessary further on. Therefore, if you do not find this program particularly useful, you should remove Safe PC Cleaner to avoid any possible security threats and complications. Read more »

FBI PayPal virus

FBI Paypal virus is a dangerous computer threat which you should remove from the computer once you find that the computer is locked down and a full-screen message bearing the credentials of FBI is displayed. This national security organization seems very popular as criminals very often use its name and logo to scare computer users into thinking that they are being monitored by the institution. The truth is that FBI is not related to the presentation of the violations that you are provided with. Ignore the content of the warning and remove FBI Paypal virus as soon as you can if you want to regain access to the system. Read more »

SpeedyPC Pro

SpeedyPC Pro is a fake system optimization and malware removal tool which is promoted at the official website The misleading, devious program has been developed by the same people who created SpeedyMaxPC. researchers have already reported this mischievous tool which you should remove without further delay. Even though the program is promoted officially, unlike many fake system optimizers, you should not think that this application will provide you with any benefits. The application may discover certain computer operation issues; however, it is most likely that the tool will not be able to discover and delete malware. Continue reading to discover more reasons to delete SpeedyPC Pro from the operating Windows system. Read more » is a browser hijacker that is a direct copy of V9 Redirect Virus. is a Turkish website that gets set as your home page and default search engine when you get infected with this malware. Unlike many potentially undesirable adware programs or toolbar, seldom announces its entrance. Therefore, since it is not common for this browser hijacker to prompt you about the oncoming installation, you need to be exceptionally careful when you download and run third party applications downloaded on the Internet. Should you have this malware on your PC, remove immediately and protect yourself from even more serious infections. Read more »

Internet Security 2013 Virus

Internet Security 2013 Virus

Internet Security 2013 is a computer threat pretending to be an anti-virus program which you should be aware of as it seeks to rip you off. Like all fake security programs, Internet Security 2013 imitates processes which are typical of every single anti-virus program. However, its ultimate goal is to lure you into buying its non-functional full version which can supposedly remove various infections. In this case, your major concern should be the very Internet Security 2013 as it has to be removed from the computer right now. Ignore the slow performance of the computer or non-responsiveness of some programs because these symptoms are caused by the threat. Read more »