SpeedyPC Pro

What is SpeedyPC Pro?

SpeedyPC Pro is a fake system optimization and malware removal tool which is promoted at the official website speedypc.com. The misleading, devious program has been developed by the same people who created SpeedyMaxPC. Anti-Spyware-101.com researchers have already reported this mischievous tool which you should remove without further delay. Even though the program is promoted officially, unlike many fake system optimizers, you should not think that this application will provide you with any benefits. The application may discover certain computer operation issues; however, it is most likely that the tool will not be able to discover and delete malware. Continue reading to discover more reasons to delete SpeedyPC Pro from the operating Windows system.

How does SpeedyPC Pro act?

The suspicious system optimization tool claims abilities to clean the PC, remove malware, optimize memory and improve computer’s performance. As soon as you install the tool it initiates a system scan, which compliments other services like Overview, Restore, Tools and Settings. Our spyware researchers have discovered that the clandestine optimizer categorizes some authentic Windows and security software files as malicious. Needless to say, you do not want to delete these files, or the running of the PC and your Windows security will be jeopardized. What is more, even if you click the Fix Threats button, you are routed to buy.speedypc.com. Here you are asked to disclose your name, email, country and postal code. Note that this information could be used to involve you in other scams. If you complete this form, you are then asked to disclose your credit card information and pay $29.97 (plus VAT) for the full-version tool. You need to remove SpeedyPC Pro, not purchase its full version.

How to remove SpeedyPC Pro?

Do not think that the tool is a partner of Microsoft like it is stated within the Installation Setup. This devious and misleading PC optimizer is useless and may even cause danger. Therefore, we recommend that you delete SpeedyPC Pro from the computer as soon as possible. The task is not difficult if you choose the reliable, automatic spyware removal tool SpyHunter. Simply click the download button and follow the provided instructions to install the application onto the computer.

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