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If you see Ads by ViewPassword it is very probable that you have an annoying advertising-supported program on your system. This program not only generates annoying advertisements which might lead you to potential threats, but is also going to collect information related to your browsing habits after the installation. This unwanted software is compatible with all the major browsers, which means that there is no guarantee that you will not get in touch with it. Do you already have ViewPassword on your system? We definitely recommend erasing it without any further delay. Read more »

Savings Bull

Savings Bull

Savings Bull is an adware application that may expose you to various computer security risks. Although the program itself is not malicious, it can successfully function as a tool for malware distribution. It does not matter how this adware managed to enter your system, the most important thing is to remove Savings Bull from the computer and then check the PC for any other potentially unwanted programs that might be detrimental to your system security. Also, running regular system scans with reliable computer security applications would prevent dangerous programs from entering the system. Read more »


GigaClicks, also known as the GigaClicks Crawler, is considered to be a bot used for illegal internet data collection. This bot is part of a vast network (botnet) which connects different infected systems, and this is meant to alleviate the sharing of the collected information. Needless to say, the activity of this truly suspicious application is not beneficial to you personally, and so researchers recommend that you remove GigaClicks from the PC as soon as possible. If you do not delete the bot from your Windows operating system, there is a great chance that soon enough you will face various disturbing, unreliable and potentially misleading advertisements. Do you know how to remove these from the system? Continue reading to learn how. Read more »


Malware.Generic is an umbrella name for malicious computer infections which may corrupt your operating system and perform highly malicious activity. As researchers have discovered, this name can characterize browser helper objects (BHO), adware, Trojan downloaders, keyloggers, monitoring tools, and other malicious threats. Unfortunately, these infections can enter the system secretly and run without your notice for a long time. Needless to say, if you do not remove Malware.Generic from the PC, a number of dangerous processes could be set in action, and this may lead to virtual data theft, malware infiltration and other undesirable activity. Please continue reading the report to learn how to delete all malicious infections from your personal computer. Read more »


BringStar is a potentially unwanted program that should not be allowed to stay on your computer. It is not a genuine computer infection, but computer experts label it as adware, which means that BringStar might lead to serious malware infection, if you do not practice safe Internet browsing. Luckily, it is easy to remove the application via Control Panel. However, you should take into consideration the fact that BringStar might have arrived bundled with freeware. Therefore, apart from manual removal, you should also run a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner or a similar computer security application in order to determine whether your system is absolutely safe. Read more »

Linkup Ransomware

If it happens that you cannot access the internet and just keep seeing the message supposedly provided by the Council of Europe, it is very probable that you have encountered Linkup ransomware whose main purpose is to extort as much money as possible from innocent computer users. This malicious software is aimed at those computer users who live in Europe; thus, there is a possibility that it will affect a wide range of computers. You should not believe any word of the fake message that you will notice every time you open your browser and we definitely not recommend doing anything that it requires. The best would be to remove Linkup ransomware entirely from your system if you want to access the internet freely again. Read more »


BitMiner.DCE, also known as Distributed Computing Experiment, is a computer application which works a service and uses the computer resources to mine bitcoins. The application installs itself without the user’s permission along with some other free programs.  It has been found that BitMiner.DCE is bundled with YouTube Accelerator, developed by Goobzo. It is also possible to acquire this application along with fake installers of such programs as Vuzu and Adobe Reador or with some other unreliable programs. If you have noticed that your computer is not as fast as usual or you already know what BitMiner.DCE is present on your PC, take immediate action to remove it from the computer. Read more »


Vonteera is an adware program which you may be exposed to by bundled installers. If you pay no attention to the information that you are provided with when installing some free program, an additional program may also be installed. Vonteera is also regarded as a browser hijacker because the application changes the settings of the browsers.  The vicious adware program changes the home page and the search provider of the browsers; hence, instead of Google or any other startup website you are forced to use, which is a website for Arabic-speaking computer users. We recommend that you remove this adware from the system, and the sooner you do so, the sooner you can browse the Internet as usual. Read more »


If you encounter BestToolbars, you should know that it is not an application itself. This name is associated with the company that is known for creating toolbars and other add-ons for more than 10 years. As it claims, it has worked together with all the most famous corporations including Amazon, Skype, IMB, DHL, TNT, and others. BestToolbar offers to create an application which will work on all the major browsers for a particular price. However, even though this company seems decent, you should be still careful with the programs developed by it. It has been found out that this company is not only capable of creating legitimate programs, but might also contribute to the development of potentially unwanted applications. Read more »

Motitags Toolbar

Motitags Toolbar

Motitags Toolbar is a browser extension that installs a new toolbar on your browser. It is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers. The toolbar has been developed to provide you with a wide range of emoticons that you could use in your instant and e-mail messages. However, computer users are generally advised to remove Motitags Toolbar from their systems, as this toolbar is also classified as potentially unwanted program that may arrive with additional functions that might expose you to potential security threats. If you want to avoid any security risks, you should uninstall Motitags Toolbar right now. Read more »