What is BringStar?

BringStar is a potentially unwanted program that should not be allowed to stay on your computer. It is not a genuine computer infection, but computer experts label it as adware, which means that BringStar might lead to serious malware infection, if you do not practice safe Internet browsing. Luckily, it is easy to remove the application via Control Panel. However, you should take into consideration the fact that BringStar might have arrived bundled with freeware. Therefore, apart from manual removal, you should also run a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner or a similar computer security application in order to determine whether your system is absolutely safe.

Where does BringStar come from?

If you encounter while the surf the Internet, you may think that it is a genuine home page for a new browser extension, as there you are told that BringStar is a new way to improve your overall web browsing experience. However, it is not possible to download BringStar from the website, because you are redirected to a blank page if you click the Download button.

The same could be said about other adware applications from the same group. The download link did not work for Spring Smart, BrowseBit, SecretSauce and extensive list of other plug-ins. All of them come from the same adware family, and since the download link at official websites do not work, we can make an assumption that BringStar usually gets installed onto a target computer together with shareware applications, downloaded from third party websites.

What does BringStar do?

As it has been established that BringStar is not real malware application, it is actually more annoying than useful. However, if you did not notice how this plug-in got installed on your PC, be ready for an onslaught of commercial pop-ups whether you use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your default browser.

These pop-ups are generated according to the data on your web browsing habits. BringStar collects it in order to increase the possibility that you click one or another pop-up. After all, if it is related to something you have recently searched for online, you are more likely to click the pop-up.

Nevertheless, that is something you should not do, as BringStar cannot guarantee the security of third party content. If you want to avoid any potential computer threats, you should uninstall BringStar.

How to remove BringStar?

Follow the instructions below to remove BringStar from your computer manually. Once you have done that, make sure you delete all the remaining potentially unwanted applications that BringStar might have been installed with. If you do not know which programs you should remove, scan the PC with licensed antimalware tool and then invest in a powerful security application to safeguard your system against dangerous threats.

Uninstall BringStar

Windows 8

  1. Move mouse cursor to the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. When Charm bar appears, click Settings and go to Control Panel.
  3. Open Uninstall a program and remove BringStar.

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  1. Open Start menu and select Control Panel.
  2. Click Uninstall a program and remove BringStar.

Windows XP

  1. Open Start menu and click Control Panel.
  2. Go to Add or remove programs and uninstall BringStar.

In case you have any further questions regarding BringStar or its removal, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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