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Trojan.Tobfy is a dangerous Trojan horse which distributes ransomware scams in order to persuade computer users to pay money so that they can unlock their computers. You may already know that ransomware infections alter the system with the result that the user cannot access the desktop and use the PC as usual. Moreover, the threat displays a full-screen warning which contains the credential of various institutions such as police Read more »


Trojan.FraudPack else known as Trojan:Win32/Yektel.A is a Trojan infection that is part of fake antivirus program distribution circle. There is an entire family of Trojan.FraudPack infections that display fake warnings in order for computer users to download and install rogue antispyware (fake AV) applications such a Antivirus 2009, Cyber Protection Center, Antivirus 8 and others. In order to avoid getting infected with rogue antispyware users must remove Trojan.FraudPack from their systems and avoid clicking links displayed on the notifications that are generated by this malware. Read more »


TrojanDownloader:Win32/Adload.DA is a well known spyware downloader which was first detected in September of 2011. The precarious program may be infiltrated onto your operating Windows system without any of your knowledge using multiple security backdoors. Some of the most popular vulnerabilities schemers use to drop malignant files onto targeted computers include spam email attachments, bundled downloads, blackhat SEO scams, Read more »


Trojan.Zbot is a malicious computer infection categorized as Trojan (as it is obvious from its name), first discovered in 2010. This computer threat is else called Zeus and it has been created to steal sensitive personal information from target computer. Most of the computer malware these days is developed to generate financial revenue to its creators, and Trojan.Zbot is of no exception. Thus, it can steal such confident data as banking logins and passwords gaining access to your bank account. You need to constantly perform computer system scans, to remove Trojan.Zbot and similar infections on time. Read more »

Backdoor Trojan

Backdoor Trojan has been around for a very long period of time. It was first detected in 1999 and ever since then it has infected a considerable number of computers worldwide. All operating systems are susceptible to this infection, and you can remain oblivious to the fact that you are infected for quite some time, because Backdoor Trojan does not have a GUI. Also, there is a number of malicious programs that fall under Backdoor Trojan category, as there is no one exact infection that could be called that. Read more »


Trojan.Parpwuts.C is part of a Trojan.Parpwuts family that has such components as Trojan:MSIL/Parpwuts.B. These Trojans masquerade as legitimate driver or keyboard update files and they trick innocent users into downloading them onto target computers. Trojan.Parpwuts.C then gets installed and displays annoying pop-up advertisements, or redirects user to pornographic websites, where one gets exposed to even more malware. Since constant pop-ups are the main symptoms of the infection, you can see that something is wrong with your computer at once. Once you notice that, do not hesitate to acquire a powerful antimalware program and remove Trojan.Parpwuts.C from your PC at once. Read more »


Has your Windows system been attacked by the malicious Trojan.Spy.Ambler.K? The quickest way to determine that is by checking if your computer is running disorderly and various pop-up ads are flooding the desktop. You should expect online ads from such sources as NetNucleus, Gabpath, NBT, Minoral, etc. The infection is also known by names Adware.MyWebSearch and AdWare.Win32.Gabpath, which reveals that the malicious Trojan has adware capabilities. Read more »


Trojan.Delf is a computer infection. It is a type of Trojan that monitors Internet traffic and performs a list of illegal operations on the web behind your back. The Trojan can download other malware onto your computer, and in general, having this threat in your system makes it vulnerable to a list of attacks from outside. In the long run, if you do not remove Trojan.Delf on time, you might even experience a financial loss, because these days the main objective of almost any computer infection is to rip financial gain. It is of no surprise, that Trojan.Delf and its components are able to generate financial gain for the hackers behind this infection. Therefore, you must remove Trojan.Delf from the PC immediately. Read more »


Trojan.Weelsof.C is a Trojan horse which may infect your computer if you do not use any reliable spyware removal tool. Its function is to download arbitrary files to your PC which is done by connecting to remote servers. It is possible that you may not notice any symptoms of this threat as it can run in the background of the system without any signs of presence. However, if some malicious files are downloaded, they may be powerful enough to somehow affect the performance of the machine. You may notice high CPU usage or other system errors. In case you have a suspicion that Trojan.Weelsof.C has accessed your PC, scan it with SpyHunter and remove the threat if it is present. Read more »


Backdoor.IRCbot.gen!M is a dangerous infection which should never get to your computer. This treacherous infection has been created to help attackers access your computer and take control other it. The backdoor Trojan, which is referred to as a generic detection, may not display any symptoms; on the other hand, your anti-virus program may display security warnings claiming that Backdoor.IRCbot.gen!M has been detected. Read more »