What is stij.exe?

The operating Windows system should be guarded against malignant computer infections at all times. Stij.exe is one suspicious file that the authentic spyware detection and removal tools will find and delete in no time. Even though this component does not belong to a clandestine Trojan or a misleading fake anti-spyware tool, it is known that the file belongs to such controversial tools as SweetIM, IncrediMail and SmailBox. According to researchers, these applications have been developed by Perion Network Ltd; therefore, you could find the executable running alongside other company’s products (e.g. IncrediBar or SmileBox) as well. So should you delete stij.exe from the computer and is its removal completely necessary?

How does stij.exe act?

The precarious stij.exe is usually found under C:\Windows\System32\jmdp (%WINDIR%), and it appears that this executable is responsible for a few different tasks. For example, it can release various online advertisement pop-ups. This process is highly important to SweetIM which is categorized as adware and whose mischievous success depends on the ability to flood your desktop with various misleading ads. The suspicious executable can also create and delete system processes, modify Virtual Memory and Physical Memory Protection, which is why you may discover your PC running disorderly and much slower than usual. To top it all off, stij.exe also can employ HTTP protocols to create communication to remote servers. This activity is quite suspicious and possibly dangerous to your virtual security, which is why you should not hesitate about stij.exe removal.

How to remove stij.exe?

If you delete stij.exe manually, there is a great chance that the file will regenerate or get replaced by another malicious component because of other dangerous files running on the system. All of the aforementioned programs which may utilize the file, run multiple executables, dynamic link library or other system files. If you are not sure how to detect and delete them all, it would be best to employ automatic spyware detection and removal software. We recommend using SpyHunter and you can acquire it by clicking on the displayed download button. Do you have more questions? Feel free to post it in the comment section below.

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  1. When I switch my PC on (windows 7)Internet Security pops up & it will not allow me to get on line. Then \"Stij.exe can not start\" pops every few seconds. How can I delete this in order to get on

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