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Internet Security 2010

Internet Security 2010 is a dangerous rogue antispyware application that you want to keep as far away from your computer as possible. Internet Security 2010 will make use of a variety of tactics in order to try to convince you that you have dangerous threats running on your computer system. You need to know that everything that is associated to Internet Security 2010 is actually a scam.Internet Security 2010 may also go by the name of InternetSecurity2010 even though they are exactly the same. Read more »


SiteAdware is a very fake as well as extremely harmful application. Its main goal is to trick users into purchasing the full version, just like all of its previous versions. The fundamental aspect is that SiteAdware or Site Adware performs the actions of a real security software system. This means that everything which SiteAdware does is actually fake but looks very real. As you can imagine this will cause you many unwanted computer problems. Read more »

Live PC Care

The Live PC Care tends to portray itself as a legitimate LivePCCare online protection program, whereas in actuality, it is not. The Live PC Care virus is an infection that causes a computer system to display pop-up messages that advertise a rogue security tool called the LivePCCare or the Live PC Care Antivirus. Once installed, Live PC Care may be configured to run automatically upon each system launch, which means the annoying pop-up messages will appear as soon as the user logs onto their system. Live PC Care will bombard the user with dozens of fake alert messages, suggesting that the only solution would be to purchase the full version of this fake software - in order to remove the ‘detected' threats. Remember – purchasing Live PC Care ‘licensed' version is only going to end up being a huge waste of money. If Live PC Care has been detected in a machine, it should be deleted immediately. Read more »


AntiKeep, which may be referred to as Anti Keep, is the latest in scams! Pretending to be a spyware remover, this application has one primary objective: to scare its victims into purchasing its licensed version. AntiKeep is a replica of the following rogue applications: RESpyware and KeepCop and doesn't deviate much from the typical and most widely practiced tactics of PC parasite infiltration. AntiKeep tends to use affiliated backdoor Trojans, usually Trojan Vundo or Zlob, in order to ensure hidden penetration into the targeted machine is successful. Once inside the designated system, AntiKeep will obscurely creates hundreds of fake malware entities in the infiltrated system. Once this is done, AntiKeep will then "detect" these dummy files and ensure the unsuspecting user, you, think it's high time you removed all the reported malware. Don't fall for this scam! Instead – one is encouraged to delete AntiKeep as soon as it has been detected within a computer system. Read more »

Personal Security

Personal Security is a fake malware remover, also known as rogue security software. PersonalSecurity does NOT remove malware from infected computers, but instead poses as a legitimate security tool, and only ends up ripping people off. Personal Security is corrupt software, designed to scam people out of their money and is a vaery dangerous XPAntivirus fake program. Personal Security infects computer after computer, and does so effectively, using the help of Trojan viruses and misleading advertising on the internet. Once installed on a computer, Personal Security will perform a ‘system scan' and report multiple infections. These infections do not exist! Personal Security reports false infections in an attempt to coerce people into thinking their computer is completely buggered, and the only remedy is to buy the full version of Personal Security to remove the infections. Do NOT fall for the Personal Security scam, whatever you do! Bear in mind that all security warnings, system scans and alerts from Personal Security are fake, intended to only scare the system user into buying this fake security software. Read more »

Additional Guard

Additional Guard is a malicious rogue antispyware application that will take your money and leave you with computer problems. Additional Guard may also go by the name of AdditionalGuard. Here is the truth that you need to know, the system scan, the system scan report results as well as the computer security notifications are all fake. There is no full version so if you are offered the opportunity to buy it; you need to know that the full version of Additional Guard is really a big plot to take your money. It is imperative that you are warned to never download, install or purchase anything associated to the deceptive Additional Guard as it will only bring you many computer problems, invade your privacy and steal your money. If you wish to spend money on something that will help your computer, rather invest in a decent antispyware removal tool that will effectively detect as well as remove the malicious Additional Guard for you. Read more »


KeepCop is a rogue antispyware application and will not help your computer like the name suggests. It actually comes from the same family as similar AntiAID antispyware applications. The truth of the matter is that everything about KeepCop is fake. KeepCop may gain access to your computer without your knowledge or consent via a certain Trojan or a security hole within your internet browser. KeepCop will install itself on your computer system and will make sure that it automatically activates each time that you start up Windows. KeepCop will show you a fake system scan, which will look like there is a real system scan of your computer taking place. Everything which KeepCop does is all part of the big plan in order to try and steal your money. Do not fall for any of this, as you will only be left with no money and a computer that completely malfunctions and is problematic. Read more »

Malware Professional 2010

Malware Professional 2010 is nothing like the name suggests and is actually a terrible rogue antispyware application. You need to know that everything which is related to Malware Professional 2010 is completely fake. Malware Professional 2010 or MalwareProfessional 2010 will slow your entire computer system down and will bombard you with fake computer security notifications. You need to know that everything that Malware Professional 2010 does, is just one big malicious attempt to try and obtain your hard earned money. Read more »

Secure Keeper

Secure Keeper is NOT as its misleading name would have system users believe. SecureKeeper rogue anti-spyware program is indeed the ultimate scammer! Descendent from the same family tree as AntiAID or Link Safeness, this latest version - Secure Keeper tends to make use of the following methods to ensure its goal of duping unsuspecting users into purchasing its full version, is achieved and successful. Read more »

Personal Protector

Personal Protector is a new spreading program which is misteriously placed into users computers. Personal Protector or PersonalProtector is NOT as its misleading name would have system users believe. This rogue anti-spyware program is indeed the ultimate scammer! Personal Protector tends to make use of the following methods to ensure its goal of duping unsuspecting users into purchasing its full version, is achieved and successful. One of these such tactics employed is Personal Protector ability to convince a system user of its ability to remove security threats from a system , whereas in actuality, Personal Protector is completely unable to detect or remove computer threats including spyware, viruses, Trojans and even malware. Read more »