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Active Security

Active Security which also goes by the name ActiveSecurityis a fake and malicious rogue antispyware application. Active Security makes use of "scare tactics" in order to get people to try and part with their money. What happens is that once ActiveSecurity has installed itself onto your machine, it will start causing you many problems. What will happen, is that an online scan will be performed which will generate a fake scan result report. Read more »

Trust Fighter

Trust Fighter is the newest fake antispyware program which may go by the name of TrustFighter and is avclone of manu other same looking programs like Safe Fighter. Trust Fighter may enter your system through malicious pop ups or banners or a Video Codec. At first it may show an imaginary system scan which will show that You have a highly infected computer. Trust Fighter will then proceed to offer you a solution to your problems in the form of a full version Trust Fighter which you can purchase. It will alert you to the factor that if you purchase the full version of Trust Fighter, it will remove any dangerous threats which are on your machine. The reality of the situation is the TrustFighter scan is false, the results are false and the full version is false. The only thing which is not false is the factor that TrustFighter is dangerous and you need to get it off your machine as quickly as you can. Read more »

Pope Green Defender

Pope Green Defender will not quickly heal and clean your computer. It does the complete opposite, Pope Green Defender will harm your computer, invade your privacy and try steal from you. The name is just part of the big scam in order to try and get you to purchase the full version. The full version is just a scam in order to get your money, so do not fall for it under any circumstances. Pope Green Defender or PopeGreenDefender may run a fake scan report which will result in fake scan report results. Do not be fooled by any of these results as they are again just a part of the malicious scam. When you are offered the full version for a small fee. Read more »

Trust Soldier

Trust Soldier is new on the Internet and is targeting victims everywhere. Trust Soldier or TrustSoldier plays on innocent computer users lack of knowledge with regard to computer security. Trust Soldier creates a scam and hopes that you fall for it. Trust Soldier enters your computer through a Trojan without your knowledge and then does a fake security scan. The security scan results will alert you that you have dangerous things running on your machine and that you should remove it immediately. Trust Soldier will tell you that the only real way to remove it effectively is to use an Trust Soldier antispyware removal program, which it will then present you with one. Trust Soldier will ask you to pay for this full version that promises to remove all the malicious things from your machine. Do not fall for this as it is a scam, don't purchase or download anything. If you should get Trust Soldier on your system, then you need to make it go away as soon as possible. Read more »

Windows Smart Security

You can pick up Windows Smart Security without even knowing it, when you are browsing the Internet. Windows Smart Security which also goes by the name WindowsSmartSecurity will infect your system with the use of Trojans when you least expect it. Windows Smart Security will then install itself onto your machine and start doing a security scan of your entire computer. This is fake and there is nothing really scanning your computer at all. Read more »

Windows Enterprise Defender

Windows Enterprise Defender can also be recognised by the name WindowsEnterpriseDefender and needs to be avoided. Windows Enterprise Defender is a specific anti spyware application that has been designed in order to make you buy the full version. Windows Enterprise Defender may gain access to your computer via a zlob/MediaAccess Codec installer, which may be found on pornographic related websites. Windows Enterprise Defender will generate many irritating popups which will be disguised as system notifications. These system notifications have been designed in order to lead you to certain chosen websites. Read more »

Antivirus program

Antivirus is the newest fake anti-spyware program and is an anti spyware application, which has been designed in order to scare users into buying the full version, which doesn't exist. The way that this alarming Antivirus gets into your machine is via the Zlob/MediaAccess Codec installer, usually this is on pornographic related websites. Antivirus program does a good job of conning you with the use of annoying pop up notifications that things are wrong with your machine. Read more »

Safe Fighter

Safe Fighter may promise to keep your computer safe, as well promise to help get rid of all your computer problems. You need to know that SafeFighter will keep none of its promises and is actually a rogue antispyware application. It will try every trick that it can in order to try to convince you to buy the full version. Safe Fighter is a remade version of many clones, such as SecurityFighter. You need to know that everything even remotely related to Safe Fighter is a scam. Read more »

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is yet another deceptive rogue antispyware application. CyberSecurity makes use of a false scan, false scan report results as well false security notifications in order to try to trick users into handing over their money. Cyber Security may seem like a decent application that will guard your computer, but the truth of the matter is that Cyber Security will not guard your computer in any way and will only cause you many computer problems because it is a clone of an older rogue program Total Security. Read more »

Trust Cop

Trust Cop needs to be avoided at all costs literally. Trust Cop or TrustCop is a trick in order to get you to purchase the full version. Trust Cop is going to cost you money and many problems. Don't spend a cent on this and don't be fooled by any of it. Trust Cop is a clone of dozen other programs (SecureWarrior)that look exactly the same and will present you with false security notifications which will appear very similar to the real thing. Trust Cop will run a false security scan that will look very similar to a real one. You will not know the difference and it is important for you not to be fooled. The only way you are going to know it is fake is by the name. If the name has anything to do with TrustCop, then you need to stay as far away from this as you can. Read more »