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Peak Protection 2010

Peak Protection 2010 is a malicious rogue antispyware application that is guaranteed to cause you many unwanted computer problems. Peak Protection 2010 will cause you many unwanted computer problems, invade your privacy as well as try and steal your money. Peak Protection 2010 will make use of a fake system scan, fake system scan report results as well as fake computer security notifications. You need to know that Peak Protection 2010 will try every single trick that it can in order to try and convince you that you have malicious threats running on your machine. Read more »

Red Cross Antivirus

Red Cross Antivirus or RedCrossAntivirus is a new rogue antispyware application which is lurking around the internet and waiting to infect your computer system. It is actually very different to Peak Protection 2010. Red Cross Antiviruswill perform a fake system scan which will present you with fake system scan results. Once you are really scared you will be offered a solution to your problems in the form of the full version, which promises to remove all your computer threats. You need to be warned that this is all one big scam in order to obtain your money. Everything which is related to Red Cross Antivirus is fake and should be treated that way. Read more »

Advanced Security Tool 2010

Advanced Security Tool 2010 is a malicious and deceptive rogue application which has been designed in order to steal your money. Stealing your money is just one of the negative things that Advanced Security Tool 2010 has been designed for. In addition to your money being stolen, AdvancedSecurityTool 2010 will create many computer problems for you, as well as invade your privacy. Advanced Security Tool 2010 may gain access to your system when you least expect it.Once it has installed itself onto your machine, it may start up each time that you Windows operating system starts up. Read more »

Green Shield Antivirus

Green Shield Antivirus is able to recreate itself on your computer after removal. It is also able to produce a fake scan of your computer system, which may look very real. It also is able to generate a fake system scan report, which will present you with fake findings of threats that you have running on your computer. None of this is real and everything is just one malicious scam which Green Shield Antivirus has created in order to try and trick you. Green Shield Antivirus is something that you don't want anywhere near your computer or your life, as it will only cause you problems in both aspects. Read more »

Security Shield 2010

Security Shield 2010 is a terrible parasite that pretends to be an authentic antivirus. You may receive warning signs and symptoms which you mustn't ignore. Security Shield 2010 or SecurityShield2010 will try and make you purchase the full version which doesn’t exist. This is all part of one biog calculated and clever scam which has been designed by bad people with bad intentions who only want to steal your money. During these hard times the last thing anybody wants is there money stolen so be careful. Read more »

AV Checker

AV Checker is a new brand of rogue antispyware which imitates the trusted Windows’ Explorer interface. By doing this, it gains the trust of unsuspecting users and fools them into running the Hard Drive Antivirus Scanner on their system. The AV Checker scanner will only emulate a system scan, producing false negatives and scaring users into purchasing its worthless fully licensed version. Users are led to believe that the only way to delete or remove these fake threats from their systems is by purchasing a fully licensed version of AV Checker. Read more »


WiresharkAntivirus is the latest scam you need to watch out for. By duping unsuspecting users into purchasing its full version, WiresharkAntivirus ensures its goals are met! Utilizing affiliate websites, which have been specifically designed to coerce and trick users into thinking their only solution to their security issues, will be to purchase the full version of WiresharkAntivirus. This is NOT true – and is a mere persuasion tactic employed by these type malicious scammers. WiresharkAntivirus may also make use of the Trojan Vundo infection to enter into a computer system. Read more »

My Security Shield

My Security Shield

My Security Shield is yet another powerful rogue antispyware application, which can cause your entire computer system to malfunction or even crash permanently. If you were to be offered the full version of My Security Shield, promising you to remove all the threats found on your computer, ignore any recommendations and offers, because truthfully the full version is as cunning as its makers, and will not offer you anything useful. Read more »

Net Protector AntiVirus 2010

Net Protector AntiVirus 2010 is a rogue antispyware application. Net Protector AntiVirus 2010 (also known as NetProtectorAntiVirus2010) is very dangerous and has been designed for one reason and one reason only and that is to steal your money. Unfortunately Net Protector AntiVirus 2010 does not steal your money in the normal way a thief would steal your money. Instead Net Protector AntiVirus 2010 will make use of manipulative tricks and tactics in order to try and convince you that you have all types of parasites on your computer system. Read more »

Ad-ware Pro

Ad-ware Pro is yet another rogue antispyware application that has been created in order to steal your money and make you experience computer hell. You need to know that Ad-ware Pro or AdwarePro is not safe like the name suggests but is actually very dangerous and is something you need to seriously watch out for. Ad-ware Pro will present you with a fake system scan, fake system scan report results as well as fake computer security notifications. Read more »