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Although does not look like a menace to your virtual security, you need to be cautious about this search engine; especially if it takes over your web browser without authorization. Our malware analysts identify it as a browser hijacker, and the recommendation is that you remove it immediately. It should be very easy to make the decision if the hijacker took over your web browser in an illegal manner. On the other hand, if you agreed to have your homepage modified, you might still think that this search tool is harmless. First and foremost, does the search tool work? At the time of research, it did not, and regardless of which search keywords you would enter, no results would show up. That, of course, is a very important reason to delete, but it is not the only one, and even if the search engine works, and you can surf the web using it, there are reasons to get rid of it. Keep reading to learn all about that. Read more » is a search engine that could also be classified as a browser hijacker in the near future. It all depends on whether it will become acting on the web. The most important thing is that if you happen to see this domain on your browser, your system might have been trespassed by potentially unwanted programs or other types of software that modifies your browser’s settings for online marketing purposes. It would be in your best interest to remove from your computer, but do not forget that acquiring a powerful security tool should also be at the top of your agenda. Read more » is one of the many browser hijackers that modify your search results and then try to expose you to commercial content. For the most part, such behavior is more annoying than dangerous, but computer security experts can provide you with a long list of things you should be wary of when you encounter browser hijackers. Therefore, the best decision in this situation would be removing from your system through and through. While you are at it, you should also look for other potentially unwanted programs that might have entered your system together with this browser hijacker. Read more »

It can be quite disturbing when suddenly your default homepage changes to If that happens, it means that a browser hijacker was installed on your computer and now you have to work to remove it. Thankfully, this browser hijacker is not a major computer infection. It is more of a sign that there might be something wrong with your system, and you should take that sign seriously. Hence, when you get rid of the browser hijacker, you should also look for other dangerous threats. The best way to do that is to invest in a legitimate computer security program. Read more » is a new search engine that raise a few questions. Our malware experts at have tested this search engine and concluded that it can appear in your major browsers when a browser hijacker sets it as your homepage, new tab, and default search provider. We have also found that this search engine is very similar to other potentially risky ones, including and This service is supposed to present to you modified search results that could contain potentially unreliable third-party advertisements and promoted links; however, it seems that the server is temporarily down or the script for this page is not finished because right now the search part does not seem to function at all. This is also quite suspicious, not to mention the possibility that this search engine appears in your browsers without your knowledge after installing a free program. Since there could be several malware infections on your system right now, we believe that it is not enough for you to remove alone to make your virtual place a secure one. Please read on to find out more about this search engine and how you can avoid similar infections entering your computer. Read more » is the latest browser hijacker from Polarity Technologies Ltd. It works as a regular search engine, but its developers distribute in a way that is set to change your browser’s homepage address without your knowledge or consent. Furthermore, this hijacker might feature promoted links in its search results, and the problem here is that some of those links can redirect you to questionable websites. Therefore, it is highly unreliable, and we recommend that you remove it from your browser to avoid visiting the shady sites. Read more » is a search engine that can be used by third-party applications to collect information on your web browsing habits. The program itself is not active on the Internet yet, but it could be employed later on by various freeware applications.

If eventually, you find that your browser’s settings were modified by, you should remove all the potentially harmful programs from your computer and reset your browser’s settings to default. The best way to determine how many unwanted programs you have is to scan your PC with a licensed antispyware tool and then delete all the potential threats automatically. Read more »

A new search engine set on browsers out of the blue can mean only one thing – there is a browser hijacker on the system. Users usually do not notice how these threats enter their systems because they travel bundled, so we are not surprised at all that you cannot explain why you see each time you open your Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome as well. This web page is made to look like a legitimate search provider, but it is surely not trustworthy even though the interface it has suggests differently. Since it is not a search tool that can be trusted, we suggest removing from browsers as soon as possible. When it is no longer set as your homepage/default search tool, you could set a new page you like as your homepage and default search provider. If you still cannot understand why the search provider you see set on your browsers is untrustworthy, you should read the next paragraph of this article too – you will find all its drawbacks listed there. If you arrive at a final decision to eliminate it, you should read the last paragraph carefully too because it contains all the information you need to know about its removal. Read more »

Yoga Search

Yoga Search is not an application that should not be active on your operating system. That is so because it happens to be yet another potentially unwanted program. Such classification has been made by malware experts at because of this application functions in a suspicious and intrusive manner. It can easily alter your web browser's default settings without any notification or authorization. Due to this program, surfing the web can become a much more annoying and frustrating experience, to put it lightly. What is more concerning is the fact that this program could prove to be rather dangerous as well since it could expose your operating system to devious web content. To find out more about the devious inner workings of this potentially unwanted program, make sure to read the rest of our report. To help you delete Yoga Search, we also present a detailed removal guide below our article. Read more »

Have you encountered a hijacker called If you have, it is most likely that you have downloaded an extension called “Instant News Now.” This extension was set up by Polarity Technologies Ltd. to introduce users to a hijacker. Our research team at informs that there are several different variants of the hijacker that can be introduced to users via this add-on, including the one we are discussing in this report, as well as and These hijackers are not trustworthy, and we advise deleting them from your browsers immediately. According to our research, they are most likely to affect those users who are using Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer browsers. Whether or not you have encountered this threat already, we recommend reading this report to learn all about it. At the end of this report, you will also find a guide that shows how to remove from all browsers. Read more »