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At first sight, looks like a completely normal search engine because it shows a search field, and it seemingly provides you with the option to browse the web using Google Search and Bing Search tools. Unfortunately, it seems that this tool simply hides behind well-known search providers to conceal its true nature, which is to show sponsored links. There is nothing wrong with sponsored links – ignoring the fact that they can be extremely annoying – unless the parties standing behind them are malicious. Unfortunately, research ream cannot guarantee that the parties working with AirFind Corp. (the developer of the search engine) are trustworthy. Do we recommend using this search tool? Of course, we do not. On the contrary, we believe that it is a browser hijacker that deserves immediate removal. Hopefully, you do not need to erase any other threats, and you can delete using the instructions below. If other infections exist, you might need to take a different route. Read more », as its name suggests, is a search engine that is mainly developed for mobile phones; however, it has caught our malware experts' attention since it may not be as innocent as it looks at first sight. In fact, this search engine is an identical clone of and, which have also emerged recently on the web. Since the developer company, Airfind Corp, claims to be a content monetizer, you can imagine that this search engine was not designed with the goal of providing you the best and most relevant search results in the quickest possible way, but, instead, the main purpose is to serve advertisers and other mobile-related companies to provide promotional surface. This is why any third-party content coming from this search engine might be risky to click on. By using this search engine, you could be exposed to questionable third-party advertisements and modified search results that can pose a threat to your virtual security. This is why we recommend that you remove from your computer or mobile device as soon as possible. Read more » is a new search engine page you cannot trust and one that is not even new in the sense that our malware experts at have already tested its identical twin called This potential threat source has been labeled as a browser hijacker because it can change certain browser settings to make sure you get exposed to its content. However, this hijacker may present to you potentially unreliable third-party content through modified search results. Engaging with such content is always risky and can result in dropping further infections onto your system or getting redirected to fake websites operated by cyber criminals where you could be scammed and lose money from your bank account. All in all, we recommend that you remove as soon as possible because you could only make things worse if you kept this search engine in your browsers. Please carry on reading our article to learn more about this threat and how you may be able to avoid similar ones in the future. Read more » may look familiar if this is not the first time you are encountering a browser hijacker since we believe it is another suspicious search tool from an untrustworthy company known as Polarity Technologies Ltd. Our researchers have tested a lot of similar applications from the mentioned publisher already; thus, it is probably safe to say this search engine is more or less a clone of them. Such applications should not cause any direct harm themselves, but they may introduce users to possibly malicious advertisements that could originate from harmful web pages. For users who never wanted to change their homepage to, we would advise removing it with no hesitation. In order to help you achieve it faster, we have prepared deletion steps you can find at the end of the article. However, if you still feel you have some doubts, you could read our report first and get to know this threat better. Read more »

If your browser’s homepage address was changed to, then we want to inform you that you have a browser hijacker on your hands. This search engine might look legitimate, but its creators distribute it using deceptive methods and not without reason. This search engine has nothing to offer apart from shady third-party ads it can show in its search results. Therefore, we suggest that you remove it from your browser to decease the chances of our PC becoming infected with more malicious software. Read more » is a generic browser hijacker that was created to promote third-party content and generate a financial profit. Browser hijackers are really common promotion tools that we encounter almost every single day. Users often think that they are extremely dangerous infections, but the truth is that you can easily remove and other similar intruders as long as you do not panic. Of course, you can always remove the unwanted programs automatically with a licensed antispyware tool. At the same time, a computer security tool of your choice would help you protect your system from similar intruders in the future. Read more » is a potentially risky search engine that could present to you unreliable search results and third-party advertisements; however, our malware experts at say that this search engine does not appear to be working right now. Of course, this does not make it less of a danger since you can never know when the authors decide to go live. If you keep this search engine in your browsers, chances are one day you may use it and end up on a search results page that could be filled with questionable third-party ads and infected links that could drop malicious infections onto your PC or redirect you to malicious websites run by cyber criminals. This is also how you can become the next online scam victim, which can end very badly for you, for example, you may lose money from your bank account or your personal details could be stolen from you to commit online fraud. You should never trust an application or a search engine that has such potentials even if it does not appear to function momentarily. We recommend that you remove from your computer and search for other threats as well because finding this search engine in your browsers may also indicate that malicious programs can be hiding on your system. Read more » is one of those dubious search tools users can find set on their Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers without their consent. If you already see it opening for you automatically too, we suggest that you remove it as soon as possible. Most probably, it has changed your homepage and default search tool, so it will be opened for you each time you launch your web browser until you go and erase it fully. Judging from the interface of, it is not a harmful search provider, but, as they say, never judge a book by its cover. This search tool is not as harmful as real malware for sure, but it is not exactly a trustworthy search provider either. The first sign showing that it is far from a decent search tool is the fact that it can change browsers’ settings without getting direct permission from users. Also, like some other untrustworthy search tools, it might present users with sponsored links. Luckily, it is not that hard to erase it from browsers, so we highly recommend that you delete it as soon as possible if do not like something about it, or it has changed your web browsers’ settings without your permission. You can find more information about its removal provided further in this article. Read more » is a suspicious search engine that was created by AirFind Corp. This company is also the creator behind, as well as, a search engine that users are redirected to from Although redirecting seems unauthorized, our research team does not consider it to be malicious because both search tools belong to the same company. Whether you are reading this report because you want to learn more about these suspicious search tools, or you want to learn how to remove them, you should continue reading. If you want to discuss anything further, or you have questions that are not answered in this report, we welcome you to start a discussion in the comments section. Hopefully, once you are done reading, you will know what to do. Read more »

According to our cyber security experts, is an unreliable search engine that comes from a developer known to make browser hijackers. However, this particular search engine is not a browser hijacker because it is not distributed as such. Still, we recommend that you remove it from your PC because you can get it accidentally if you are not paying attention. The bottom line is that it offers nothing of value as it redirects all entered search queries to Google. For more information, please read this whole article. Read more »