Browser hijackers - Page 13 category archyve: is a browser hijacker, so it might appear on your browser unexpectedly. Our specialists at say it could enter the system via bundled software installers downloaded from unreliable sources. The good news is it not a malicious threat so it should not cause you a lot of trouble. Nonetheless, the application may provide you with a questionable search engine, and through it, the software could be displaying annoying and possibly potentially dangerous third-party advertising content. Under such circumstances, we recommend not to waste any time with, especially if you downloaded it unknowingly and would rather use a search engine of your preference. If this is the case, we offer users our deletion instructions available at the end of the article. Also, we invite reading the rest of the text because it might help you keep away from threats alike in the future. Read more » is a program that you should delete once and for all if it is ever found up and running on your personal computer. We advise you to do so because this application happens to be yet another browser hijacker, which acts aggressively. Like any other application of this classification, the one in question can make intrusive changes to your browser's default settings without any warning. In turn, browsing the web will become a much more annoying and frustrating experience. Furthermore, you should know that this devious program could prove to be quite dangerous. As it turns out, the hijacker in question could expose your operating system to suspicious and even potentially malicious web content. To find out how that could happen, make sure to read the rest of this detailed report. We also include a comprehensive removal guide, which you should use to delete once and for all. Read more »

My Email Signin

My Email Signin

If you install the My Email Signin extension from, which is its homepage, or the Chrome Web Store, you will find the main settings of your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome altered. It is impossible not to notice the altered settings of browsers because this piece of software changes homepages, default search tools, and New Tab URLs on them all. Specifically speaking, will be set on your browsers and, because of this, you will see it open for you each time you launch your web browser. Some users read the extension’s description before installing it, so they do not find these changes applied a huge surprise; however, a bunch of users do not know anything about them until they install this piece of software on their computers and open their web browsers for the first time. It goes without saying that users who do not know anything about the installation of My Email Signin are not happy about the modifications made either. Luckily, there is a quick way to fix everything – the page set will be gone when you delete My Email Signin. We believe its removal will not be very problematic because it is not one of these dangerous malicious applications. Read more »

If you ever come across a program, which goes by the name of, make sure to do everything in your power to avoid it since it happens to be one more browser hijacker. If unfortunately, you already have this dubious application up and running on your PC, make sure to execute its complete removal right away. That is imperative since this program like its counterparts acts in an incredibly invasive manner. It can easily make unauthorized changes to your browser's default settings. Due to all of that, browsing the web will become a frustrating and annoying experience. What is even worse is the fact that this hijacker could prove to be quite dangerous since it might subject your PC to dubious and even potentially harmful web content. Learn more about the functionality of this dubious program by reading the rest of this article. Below, you will also find a detailed removal guide, which you should use to delete once and for all. Read more » Offers Offers is a devious piece of software that should not be up and running on your personal computer. In fact, malware experts at have classified as one more browser hijacker, which you must remove if it is ever found up and running on your computer. Such classification has been made due to the intrusive inner workings of this programs. As it turns out, it can make invasive changes to your browser's default settings without any notification or authorization. In turn, browsing the web becomes a much more annoying and frustrating experience than you might think. If that was not enough, you must know that it could even prove to be quite dangerous since it might subject your personal computer to questionable and even malicious online content. Read our report for further information regarding the intricate inner workings of this hijacker. Also, we include a detailed removal guide, which you should use to delete Offers once and for all. Read more »

My Quick Converter

My Quick Converter is a browser hijacker that will immediately change your browsers’ settings once it enters your computer. Specifically speaking, you will find your homepage changed to This website looks like an ordinary search tool, but it is definitely not what it seems to be, so you should remove it from all your affected browsers as soon as possible and then start using a new search provider to perform web searches. There are so many other websites that only pretend to be legitimate search tools, for example,,, and, so you should never trust a search engine that has appeared on your browsers out of the blue – it is one of the first symptoms showing that a search tool is a browser hijacker and definitely not one of the trustworthy search providers. Read more » is promoted as “the search engine that respects your privacy.” Even though it is called Chrome Search, it has nothing to do with Google Chrome, we can assure you, so our only recommendation for you would be to remove it from browsers the second you notice its appearance. Specialists at say that it might arrive on users’ PCs in software bundles and then change their browsers’ settings, or they might be redirected to from a different domain. does look like a legitimate search tool at first glance, but we cannot confirm that it is one of the reputable search providers because research conducted by our malware researchers has clearly shown that it has drawbacks. We do not say that this Russian search tool is malicious or that it will start automatically downloading bad applications from the web on your computer, but, in the worst-case scenario, it might still bring you problems by redirecting you to untrustworthy pages. Keep in mind that might have any number from 1 to 20 next to its name, e.g. None of its versions can be trusted fully, so remove this search provider no matter which of its many versions you encounter. Read more » appears to be a threat that can hijack user’s default start page. Moreover, according to our specialists at, the application can also show users unreliable and annoying advertisements. In case you notice such ads, we recommend being careful. Needless to say, if they look suspicious or seem to be from potentially malicious web pages, we would urge you to stay away from them as much as possible. To stop the ads and gain the ability to change your start page you may have to delete It should not be particularly difficult, but if you feel you may not be experienced enough, you could slide at the end of the text and use the available instructions. Of course, if first of all, you would like to know more about the threat we urge you to read this report. Read more » is both a browser hijacker and a potentially unwanted program that is introduced to Google Chrome users as an extension. The name of the extension is “City Page Today Home Page,” and it does not have an official webpage representing it. Instead, the developer, KDS Media, has chosen to introduce it via the Chrome web store at That being said it is unlikely that all users will acquire this extension from this source. In fact, it is more likely that you have let it in by interacting with an installer carrying a bunch of programs bundled together. Are you absolutely sure that other pieces of software installed along with the PUP are reliable? Instead of guessing or assuming, install a legitimate malware scanner, and let it decide if you have anything to worry about. Obviously, all pieces identified as threats must be deleted, and, hopefully, you will be able to find the guides you need here, on Right now, let’s focus on the removal of and City Page Today Home Page. Read more » is one of the newest Polarity Technologies Ltd. search tools. It has been developed on the same template as,, and, and, just like these search engines, it does look like a legitimate search provider. Unfortunately, the appearance is not everything, so it would be dumb to keep this search tool and use it to perform web searches just because it looks reputable. Specialists at are sure that is not exactly what it seems to be. In other words, it is not a legitimate search tool users should use for web searches, they say. They have put this search engine under the browser hijacker category instead because it makes specific modifications on users’ computers resulting in the altered settings of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome without their consent. It is not the only problem with this search tool. The next paragraph of this article will tell you more about it. The knowledge you acquire should help you to decide whether to delete it or let it stay. Read more »