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Adware servers may not be your worst nightmare, but they can be easily used in a number of corrupted schemes. may pop up in your screen offering various sales deals, interesting web pages, wallpapers, and so on. If you no longer want to be redirected to this server, you should try resetting your browser because there might be an extension that constantly redirects you to this website. At the same time, you should also consider scanning your system with a security program. It is very important that you scan your system with a reliable antispyware tool as well, to ensure your computer’s safety. Read more »


BatBitRst is an ad-supported program that can sneak onto your system without your knowledge and use a browser extension to display potentially unreliable third-party advertisements on your screen. The presence of this adware program can turn your browsing experience rather annoying with its pop-ups and other types of advertising. Our malware experts at say that this adware is related to Filetour, another well-known ad-supported program. Of course, this malware infection is not only annoying with its pop-ups and banners, but it may also expose you to potentially harmful ads. Engaging with such content could cause further infections as well as exposure to online scams. Since this adware usually lands on your system with a company of other malware threats, your PC could be under attack right now on multiple fronts. If you would like to win this malware battle, we suggest that you remove BatBitRst along with the browser extension it uses to flood you with ads. Read more »


If you see Kissanime advertisements and notice an increased number of annoying ads while you are browsing the web, there is a good chance that your computer has been infected with an adware application. It is a bit confusing though because Kissanime is not only an ad-supported program but also a well-known website for the Anime genre fans. In any case, both the adware program and the website can expose you to harmful third-party advertisements. These ads can flood your screen and make your browsing experience a real nightmare, not to mention the fact that this adware may also spy on you and use the gathered intel to target you with customized advertising. If you would like to keep your PC secure, we recommend that you remove Kissanime right away and all other threats you may find hiding on your system. Please read on to find out more about the possible threats this infection and this questionable website may present you with. Read more »

Mac Adware Cleaner Ads

Do Mac Adware Cleaner Ads bother you every day no matter which browser you use to surf the web? If it is so, an application Mac Adware Cleaner must be installed and working on your computer. This application promises to protect users’ computers with MAC OS X from malicious software, clean it, and make sure that no irritating pop-ups reach users. Without a doubt, users have not been told that it generates Mac Adware Cleaner Ads itself. Also, users who have downloaded and installed this program from voluntarily surely do not know that it is not a reliable tool. Most probably, those users use old versions of Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome because updated browsers open warning messages saying that the entered website URL “contains harmful programs” and “attackers on might attempt to trick you into installing programs that harm your browsing experience.” If browsers block the official website of Mac Adware Cleaner, there is no doubt that it is not a program that can be trusted fully although it is promoted as a powerful system optimizer. It should not be called a malicious application because it is not as harsh as existing threats, but it has deserved to be put into the category of potentially unwanted programs. Read more »

If you experience lots of third-party ads and redirections to questionable websites, it is possible that is responsible. Our malware experts at say that this adware server and its promotions can appear in your browsers when your PC is infected with adware programs, browser hijackers, or potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). Yet another possibility is that you simply get redirected to one of its promotional pages if you click on unsafe third-party content on a shady website. All in all, the presence of this adware server in your browsers can seriously ruin your online experience, let alone the possibility of infecting your PC with malicious programs or getting scammed when engaging with malicious pages you may find yourself on. This adware server is very similar to others like, and should be avoided if you do not want to put your system security at risk. We recommend that you remove from your browsers right away if you do not want further complications. Read more »

If you browse the web and click an unknown link, then you might be redirected to, an adware server which is currently promoting its advertising services to gain new clients. The company behind this adware server is called Propeller Ads, and it is in the digital advertising business. The company is legitimate, but you should not visit as it might redirect you to annoying and intrusive ads. Therefore, you ought to remove whatever software is redirecting you to this adware server or stop visiting the site that redirects you to it continuously. For more information, we invite you to read this whole description as we believe you will find it useful. Read more »


If commercial advertisements coming from the Moatads advertising domain bother you every day and you cannot get rid of them, it means that you a) keep visiting some kind of dubious page that contains these ads or b) you have encountered some kind of malicious application. Unfortunately, it is usually the latter case, as specialists working at have noticed. We believe that malware has successfully entered your computer and modified the hosts file right away too. If you take no action, irritating commercial advertisements will keep appearing on your screen, and you might even be one day exposed to potential threats. This is one of the main reasons we cannot allow you to live with Moatads advertisements on your screen. We do not promise that it will be easy to eliminate those ads, but we are sure you will still make them all gone with our help, so start the removal procedure immediately after you finish reading this article. Read more »



It has been revealed that Setli is more than a DNS settings manager that claims to allow you to access restricted content and protects your online privacy. Research has revealed that it has been configured to collect information about you, so it is recommended that you remove it because its ads are annoying and invasive. On top of that, some of them may subject you to malicious content, so you should not take that risk. As an adware, type program it is considered malware, so you ought to get rid of it as soon as possible, but if you want to learn more about it, please see the information presented below. Read more »


Demoney might promise you will “start making a lot of money in no time” if you install it, but in reality what you may receive is nothing more than irritating third-party advertisements. Apparently, it was reported the extension could replace advertisements shown by the web pages you are visiting with the ads from its third-party partners. As a result, computer security specialists decided the program should fall under the classification of adware. So far it can be encountered only by those who search the Internet with Google Chrome, but we will talk more about Demoney’s distribution methods later in the text. If you continue reading our report, you will also learn about the adware’s working manner and the ways it can be erased. Naturally, users who already chose to get rid of this unreliable extension should slide a bit below the text and follow the provided deletion steps. Read more »

Google Security Warning

Fictitious security warnings have been on the rise recently, and one of them is the misleading Google Security Warning. Our research team has recently analyzed this bogus warning, and, unsurprisingly, it was discovered that it is 100% fictitious. It was created by schemers who want nothing more than to scam you. Unfortunately, in this case, it is hard to say exactly what would happen if you called the fictitious helpline number shown in the alert. The schemers answering your call could trick you into doing all kinds of things. For example, they could trick you into sharing personal information that might include full name, credit card information, home address, telephone number, and so on. Since the schemers should pose as “Windows” technicians, you might reveal information about yourself without even suspecting a scam. Unfortunately, that might not be the worst outcome. Please continue reading to learn how dangerous it is to communicate with schemers and if you need to delete Google Security Warning-related infections. Read more »