Google Lead Services

What is Google Lead Services?

Google Lead Services is an adware server that is not related to the Google corporation in any way. Our malware specialists at say that this adware server is similar to and You may be misled by the third-party advertisements this server may show you and you could infect your computer with all kinds of malicious or potential threats. After clicking on corrupt ads you can also end up on new tabs with malicious websites trying to scam you. When you find ads by this adware server in your browsers, it is quite likely that you computer is infected with malware threats. We suggest that you remove Google Lead Services as soon as you can to protect your computer from further threats. Please read our whole report on this adware server to understand how you can defend your PC in the future more effectively.

Where does Google Lead Services come from?

These questionable ads come through the server. In order for you to see these advertisements, you need to get redirected to this malicious server. It is possible that you simply click on the wrong third-party ad or link while you are browsing the web and end up on a suspicious website. In this case, you may be able to delete Google Lead Services if you close the browser window without engaging with anything coming from this server. Of course, we doubt that this is the case because it is more likely that you will find a few threats hiding on your computer.

It is possible that you have installed a freeware bundle lately and this is why your computer is infected with all kinds of malware threats like adware programs and browser hijackers. You need to be very careful whenever you install software packages because they usually have tricky and deceptive installers to make sure that inexperienced users end up with installing useless or malicious programs by default. If you want to protect your computer, you need to forget about downloading files from shady file-sharing sites, visiting suspicious unfamiliar websites, and clicking on third-party ads as well. However, right now it is important that you scan your computer with a proper online malware scanner after you delete Google Lead Services from your system.

How does Google Lead Services work?

Although this adware server does disclose that "We are not affiliated with or related to Google Lead Services™ in any way. The term 'Google' is used as a synonym for 'Search'" on their website, it can be quite misleading for inexperienced users who may actually believe that they are on a Google-related site. The pop-up and banner advertisements this adware server may present to you can be risky to click on since you could drop malware infections onto your machine. Another option is that you may open new tabs and get scammed by cyber villains who may steal sensitive information from you as well as your money from your account. If you would like to use a secure computer, we strongly recommend that you remove Google Lead Services right away.

How can I delete Google Lead Services?

If you are ready to act and take your control back, you can try to eliminate this adware server from your computer by resetting all possibly affected browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Please follow our instructions below this report if you have never reset your browsers before. Please note that this will not necessarily make your computer all clean of infections. Leaving any leftovers or threats on board could lead to further infections and privacy breaches. This is why we believe it is important that you protect your PC with a powerful anti-malware program like SpyHunter as soon as possible. But even if you are lucky enough to have such protection, remember to always update all your programs to prevent cyber crooks from exploiting outdated software security holes.

Remove Google Lead Services from your browsers

Google Chrome

  1. Tap Alt+F and go to Settings.
  2. Click Advanced at the bottom.
  3. Click Reset at the bottom.
  4. In the pop-up dialog box, press Reset.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Tap Alt+H and go to Troubleshooting Information.
  2. Press Refresh Firefox at the top.
  3. Press Refresh Firefox in the pop-up box.

Internet Explorer

  1. Tap Alt+T and go to Internet Options.
  2. Change to the Advanced tab and press Reset.
  3. Select the Delete personal settings checkbox and press Reset.
  4. Press Close. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Google Lead Services*

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