VirusRemover 2008

What is VirusRemover 2008?

VirusRemover 2008 (VirusRemover 2008 or Virus Remover 2008) is a fake spyware remover and a copy of Antivirus 2008. You might have gotten VirusRemover 2008 from a Trojan (like Zlob or Vundo) disguised as video codec installer download while surfing the web. Once your computer is infected, VirusRemover 2008 will use its fake system scan and then show a list of supposed infections as a result of the fake scan. VirusRemover 2008 may also flood your system with misleading warning alerts that read:
"Alert! Your system is infected!"

If you innocently click on a popup, you'll be redirected to a rogue website website where you may be convinced into buying the VirusRemover 2008's commercial version for $49.95. Moreover, VirusRemover 2008 may hijack your desktop and show a Google page "informing" you about supposed spyware threats.

Do not fall upon VirusRemover 2008, it was created to push you to buy the full VirusRemover 2008 program to remove the supposed threats. Avoid being anywhere near VirusRemover 2008.

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  1. I have been infected by VirusRemover2008 which came along for the ride when I downloaded Cursor Mania. I had wanted to make my cursor easier to see and thought this was a good answer. Since being infected, I found my desktop radically altered, removing many programs from the desktop, my authorization for reading the directories, the authorization to open TaskManager, my loss of the option to open my Windows as system manager, the inability of command prompt DOS commands to go anywhere except my C-Drive are among many functions I have lost. I installed HiJack This by downloading from another computer and burning to a CD and that analyzed that several random lettered DLLs had be added. I was able to disable those DLLs using SpyWareGuard, but within seconds they were reinstalled. I disabled Internet Explorer by renaming the executable and that has slowed down the assault of references to VirusRemover2008 as the solution to my problem (for a slight fee!). I am using Firefox to reach this site and responded, but periodically about 8-10 blak windows of Firefox will open, clogging up internet access. This is really a bad actor. I downloaded Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830) and have not yet been able to install it. This IS TRULY A BADDD ACTOR!

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